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How may Flutherites are Designers, Photographers, Web Designers, Typographers.... etc?

Asked by creativejuices (487points) March 19th, 2009

I choose to believe (perhapse wrongly) that Fluther can boast a large community of artistic folks… will we ever be able to post in images? say like this thread for example YayHooray648X480JPG Thread

That would be a great way for use to show and get critiques on our works. Just askin….

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I suck at all of them. But it paid the bills for a long time.

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I experimented with it a little bit this summer. But I abandoned it after figuring out that I really don’t have the time for it. Being a student, and all.

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I run a web start-up with two employees (we’re launching this summer), alongside doing freelance work and building this thing called Cursebird.

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@creativejuices Haha thanks. I did an interview not so long ago if you’d like to find out more about it.

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I do the smallest bits of web design in my spare time.

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I’m a photographer. Sort of. I mean, I’m a senior in college, photo and biology double major. The biology is sort of taking over at the moment (when will you end, honor’s thesis??) but I do a lot of photography for my lab, strangely.

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@richardhenry: I just followed your links to iso50….............

oh my god…. I love it! It’s like the perfect mix of design and music. I love the playlist.. its simmialr to mine, but there are a few that I have not heard! YAY< new music> !

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@creativejuices YES YES YES! It’s a great comp. Currently on the Avalanches track.

Just ordered two shirts off the ISO50 store, this and this (both nice dark shirts).

I actually found him because they used a Tycho track on a Coudal video documenting the paper-based Layer Tennis match last Friday. Said video is currently featured on if you’d like to watch.

Coudal were my most recent client which was cool; I built something for them called Crowd.

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I’ve been an artist, designer and photographer for a total of twenty one years.

You’re welcome to look here to see my recent stuff.

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Thank you richardhenry.

best part about shooting that strawberry shortcake was I ate it afterwards

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Photographer here. Nothing serious. Just a hobby I am passionate about. I <3 art!

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@cprevite Did you get to eat the clown too?

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@richardhenry: nah, he ran away.

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I’m a photographer. Well I’m a student just like fireinthepriory and I’m also in my senior year. At first I started with alot of really cool black & whites, exploring old houses and towns and really learning all about film photography and old cameras. But recently I’ve begun to dabble into the world of fashion and glamour photography (as my official major is commercial photography). Some of my work is posted my model mayhem site ( but some of it can also be found on my facebook site, just search for Jeanaye Wright.

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I’m also a photographer, in school at Parsons School of Design for photography. I want to eventually be in fashion photography, but I also love fine art photography. If I have my way about it, I’ll be able to make a living by doing the former, while I work on getting notoriety for the latter.

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I’m a professional web designer and for fun i dabble with illustrations and art. flikr is pretty good at sharing photos and getting comments. It would be great to have a flikr for illustrations and art though.

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Photographer (serious amateur), retired artist (20 years woodcarving)

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@pekenoe: I love woodcarving, are there any links to your work?

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@creativejuices: I haven’t done any woodwork for 5 years or so, let my website expire, sorry. I’ll dig up some pix and post them on picassa if you are really interested. I did chainsaw carvings for several years then in the later years relief carvings for door panels and wall hangings.

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@pekenoe: WOW, your wood carving is amazing.

I personally love numbers ten and thirty-three. Stunning.

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@pekenoe: the texture in the number 25 gives it a nice tactile feel. I like them! Thanks for uploaded them for us to see!

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Thank you thank you and you’re welcome.

I enjoyed it for many years and especially enjoyed the one on one with the buyers. We did craft shows and sold from our home, so nearly everyone that purchased an item from us, we met personally.

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I do page layout, graphic/web design and web development. I’m also photography as a hobby. I do a lot of layout for local punk records (yes records, as in vinyl!).

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