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Which is the best javascript and actionscript editor?

Asked by stephen (351points) October 28th, 2009

any recommand?thanx!

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if you have a Mac, Textmate, I use it for all my code. love it.

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@wenn,no i work on pc mostly

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@stephen could try this then

apparently is Textmate for windows.

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or I suppose you could go for some Adobe Dreamfail

wouldnt recommend it though.

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@wenn thanx, e – texteditor is really cool.and about the adobe things, i tried and not very cool

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@wenn I’ve been using notepad++ for too long! I think its time to upgrade to Textmate/e-texteditor, they look awesome.

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I prefer gVim for all my code editing, though this is purely a preference that carried over from my Unix development days. I’ve used Notepad++ for a while as well and enjoy working in it, though I seem to work slower than I do with vim.

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