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Any ideas for a contest/competition targeted to college partiers?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) March 20th, 2009

im working on our AAF case, and we are having trouble finding a contest or sweepstakes that college student will want to participate in. we are trying to target students who party safe and choose not to binge drink. any help?

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What’s an AAF case?

Edited to add: Also, how exactly are you defining “party safe”? It is just based on binge drinking? If so, how do you define binge drinking? There are definitions that say a woman is binge drinking if she has two beverages. Two! Or, if they choose to drink, is it still safe if they have a designated driver and a buddy system?

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I’m not sure if this would help. . . What about a pool tournament ? A lot of people like to shoot pool. . . Not pool party but shoot and play pool. . .

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sammibabi6 has a point—something that targets fine motor coordination, and accordingly isn’t exactly easy after a night of drinking, would reward the non-drinking behavior. Or even just texting a certain phrase on the way home. Texts that don’t make the sober cut, don’t get the reward. (Sober cut = copied exactly.)

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sorry for being unclear :/

AAf is a competing group of advertising students in college.

our ‘case’ is binge drinking, we want to show college partiers how harmful it is. so in our campaign we would like to have a sweepstakes of sorts to award individuals who have proven to have a steady head and not over do it at parties/clubs/ and drinking scene really.

i had an idea of like a photo contest, but im not sure how to spin it to portray that ‘not getting blackout’ is cool.

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You could still do a photo contest, but do it so it showcases the best 4am diner trip or whatever. I know that after parties/clubbing/midnight movies we usually hit a diner. It’s not something you can do if you over did it at the party, they were some of my best college times, and there is some definite hilarity that transpires at 3:30am at a diner.

That way you aren’t saying “omg! don’t drink!” so much as “ohhhh, see this cool thing you could have done if you hadn’t blacked out…”

edited to add: As someone who has massive amounts of difficulty staying up late, I have a lot of experience with missing out on cool things because I was out cold. Not drunk, just asleep.

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