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Is Bin Laden really dead?

Asked by Garebo (3183points) March 21st, 2009

Or is he officially alive but really dead?

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Do you honestly think that anyone here would have the answer to that? Fluther is good at answering questions, but not that good.

Maybe you will find the answer in this question

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No, but they have an opinion.

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Not only do I believe that he is dead, I think he’s been dead for years.

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Why do you belive that @AstroChuck? I’m just curious.

I do hope you’re right. I just don’t know where that idea comes from.

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yea i would like to know why you think that as well

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Actually I think he sent out his Christmas video this year and I seem to remember one around election time.

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He supposedly just released an audio tape, but who knows if it is really him? Some folks think he’s been dead since 2001, but it is so useful for both sides for him to still be alive that no one is admitting it.

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Well the 2001 idea wouldn’t seem to fly because he has done video referring to later events. I remember that he was supposed to have some medical conditions and he looked prett bad early on.

If he has died, I can’t see why it would be in the Bush administration’s best interest to keep him alive, they weren’t even pretending to try to find him anyway. It would seem better to kill off the titular head of the beast.

As far as where he is today, maybe it’s like the movie Sleeper where the Great Leader continued to communicate with his people while in reality they were desperately trying to clone him from his nose, all that was left after an assassination attempt.

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I think he is dead as there is no good evidence (e.g. recent video) to prove he is still with us.

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No, I don’t think he is dead.

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Why was this removed, because he is dead?

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Those two comments were removed because @Tino311 was being vulgar for no apparent reason. His comments weren’t even related to this thread.

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Not enough evidence to answer that. All I ever saw was a man on tv in a turban who says he is Bin Laden. It could have been him, could have been anyone.

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