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Do you know any cool/unique card tricks?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) March 21st, 2009 from iPhone

Have you picked up any cool card tricks in your years at the bar, poker night, casino, or any other place? Are you willing to share your secret?

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I only remember one from camp…a camp with a magic class. Shut up.
But it’s really difficult to teach without showing you. There’s a narrative and everything. Maybe I’ll film it and YouTube it. :)

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No, but I can eat a lead pipe and shit fruit salad.

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This trick is incredibly easy. I’ve done it for a bunch of people and it regularly blows minds. It’s very visual, probably the best easy trick I know.

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That came over COTTON-DRY

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Cool, but not unique.

Deal 21 cards left to right and face up in three columns of seven. Make the columns as you would in solitaire with the card closest to you laying on top of the next furthest. Set the remaining cards aside.

Tell your victim to pick a card (without touching it or pointing at it) and remember the card.

Have your victim tell you which column the card is in.

Pick up the cards by swiping each column towards you, so that the card furthest from you ends up on the bottom and the card closest to you is on the top. Make the column that your victim picked your second swipe. You will end up with a deck of 21 cards facing up, and the victim’s card will be among the middle 7 cards in the deck.

Flip the deck over and deal the 21 cards again, left to right face up in 3 columns of 7.

Have your victim point to the column that has his card.

Swipe again and put the chosen column in the middle of the deck.

Flip the deck over and deal 21 cards again. Same deal.

Have your victim point to the column. Swipe.

Now, flip the deck over so it is face down and deal out five “flowers” with the cards face down. Each flower consists of four cards (petals) one laying in each direction (n,s,e,w). As you are dealing out these flowers, count up to the 11th card dealt and remember where it is among the flowers. That’s your victim’s card.

When you finish dealing 5 flowers with 4 petals each, you will have an extra card. Flip it over and tell the victim that it isn’t his card.

Now have the victim pick three flowers. If he picks one with his card, the 11th card, swipe the two that he didn’t pick and set them aside face down. If he doesn’t pick a flower with his card, swipe the three that he picked and set them aside face down.

Depending on the above, have the victim pick one or two of the remaining flowers (so that you’ll have one left at the end of this step). Swipe all but the flower containing his card and set the cards aside face down.

Now that you have one flower left, rearrange the four remaining cards in one row. Have him pick two cards. If he picks his own, remove the other two. If not, remove the ones he picked.

Now you’re down to two cards. Repeat to get the last card.

Et Voila!

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Other than, “52 Card Pick-up”?

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