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Card tricks to show a 7 1/2 year old (say)? Know of any?

Asked by Jude (32134points) September 1st, 2010

I have a 7½ year old niece who wants to watch/learn some card tricks, and her Aunt (me) is lacking when it comes to card trickery. Help this little Aunt out.

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This is how you do it.
You need any 16 cards any.
Put them in rows of 4.
Now ask pick a card don’t tell me which one but tell which row.
Row1 to row4
Left to right. 4 cards each row.
Now when you pick them up to shuffle the cards make sure to isolate their row. Keep their cards the four from their row on top. Now lay out the cards again with their row across the top. Now when you ask them is there card still out there and they say yes, ask which row again and that’s their card. By process of elimination of coarse. Now just shuffle all the cards together and somehow pick theirs out of a pile. Better yet get them to pick it out of a few you placed face down.
Good luck

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52 card pick up.
She will want to fight you after that,so run away right after you do it ;)

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I love this trick and it is pretty easy I think a 7 yr old can pull off!

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You should be able to find some on this list

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This is a fairly simple minded trick that still manages to fool most people.

Take a deck of cards and notice what one of them is and pull it back as you present the deck to someone. Suppose the card you know is the six of hearts. Tell the person to choose a card without looking at it. Announce that the card is the six of hearts. You look at it and say that it is correct and put the card aside. The card is actually the queen of diamonds.

Tell the person to choose another card without looking at it and say that it will be the queen of diamonds. You look at it and say that you were correct and place the card on the side. The card is really the eight of clubs. Finally you say that you will pick the eight of clubs. You now take the palmed six of hearts and put it aside.

Shuffle the 3 cards and then show them.

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Best to keep it very simple. Ask them to pick a card and to look at it but to make very sure that they don’t let you see what it is. Cut the pack and tell them to replace the card. What they won’t realise is that you took a quick look at the exposed card when you made the cut and so finding the chosen card is easy.

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