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Anyone own Canaries?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) March 22nd, 2009

Because i have lots of questions!

im an all around animal lover, but i didnt realize how cool birds were until i inherited a male canary from a friend of mine. ive never owned a bird before and im finding out that being a bird owner is actually a lot of fun! but i have some questions that my canary book didnt answer.

question #1 do birds dream?
because i think Twitter the canary does. i know my dog dreams because she moves her legs and whimpers, and this morning i was awake around 4 am and i sware Twitter was dreaming! he was all puffed up, squatting on a perch with his head burried in his wing, and softly chirping then would click his beak. i dont know what else it could have been, could this be maybe beak grinding? it went on for about 15 mins. i find it so interesting that a bird could dream, but i dont know if its possible.

Question #2 will he eat Presillia?
i have a hermit crab, and i let Twitter fly around and explore when im in my bedroom with him. do you think that if he ever figured out that i have a hermit crab that it will try to eat it? Presilla doesnt do much but stay in her hut during the day, i dont want her do be in danger.

Question #3 how important is the cuttle bone?
he doesnt seem to interested in his cuttle bone, theres a few pecks in it but Twitter barely touches it, is that a problem?

Question #4 i some times burn incense, is that bad for him?
im talking like, once a day, maybe twice.

Question #5 do birds get stage fright?
he will only sing when there is music playing
he will tweet when there isnt anything on, but when i play any rap music, he sings beautifully! whats up with that?

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1. Yes Canaries dream.

2. No- he will not eat pricilla. He eats seeds not crustaceans.

3. The cuttle bone provides calcium. He will self- supplement when he needs it. Just leave it there.

4. Yes incense is bad for him if in an enclosed room. Canaries have delicate lungs.

5. Canaries do not get stage fright but they do love a back up band. ;)

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