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Non-wis.dmr jellies - has the wis.dmr migration wave made you look differently at your own online home?

Asked by resmc (749points) March 22nd, 2009

Considering how & fluther are similar enough in that they’re home to communities, i wonder if perhaps our journey has inspired any of you to wonder how the community here would deal with a similar situation of being evicted from your online territory. Would you band together? Exchange contact info? Cry? Shrug?

Perhaps ponder (privately) who, in this hypothetical situation, you’d most like to remain in contact with… maybe it’d prompt you to show them even more appreciation. Do you think your community is strong enough to survive a move? How would thinks might change?

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Who are these!?! D:

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I would move if Fluther was shut down – but only if it were GONE. And I assume many others I’ve formed close friendships with would follow the same path. :)

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So… what exactly happened? I came here as a refugee from another social website. A bunch of us came over at once and Fluther welcomed us with open arms. I imagine if we were to be jolted along again, we’d find each other and a new corner of the web, but it probably would not be as good as Fluther.

Fluther’s pretty freaking awesome.

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I don’t know who they are or why they’re here.

That said, a similar exodus happened here from Askville. I do keep in touch with some of them, but it’s important to merge with the prevailing community to some degree. It’s like all those people who move to a different country and spend all their time talking about “When I lived back home…” – go back if you love it so much! I lurve Fluther because it’s my new home. Fluther adopted me, I adopted Fluther.

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I don’t see it as a possibility, really. Andrew and Ben have made it clear that they intend to keep the site up and running for many years to come.
That being said, I would be very upset. I would keep coming to out of habit, and get even more sad every time I saw that it was not there.
I would keep in touch with many, many jellies – and I believe we would probably set our chat room up elsewhere. The community would live on.

EDIT: Welcome,! I haven’t said that yet, I don’t think! I look forward to getting to know you.

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Agreed with laureth. I don’t know who they are and why they’re here, but I hope they fit in..

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I can appreciate you guys. Just jump right in. The water’s fine:
Shark infested reefs, moray eels, jellyfish, poisonous rock fish, angelfish, sea cucumbers. various flora, fauna and plankton….and of course Astro Chuck.

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What is this

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@lefteh: I didn’t know they’d said that, but MAN I appreciate it.

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@mangeons and @THATguy is another Q&A site that is closing down. Members from the site are joining Fluther now.

I don’t think about what the net would be like without Fluther. But I admire those who have banded together from Askville and to join us here. I think it’s cool that real relationships can be built on the Internet, and I hope that the ones I have formed will last a long time, too.

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@THATguy It is a Q/A social network that is going under. We chose Fluther as the site to migrate to.

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@laureth is a site sorta like this (no dot com or anything, just .dm – it’s still running, for the moment), but is in the process of closing down. The announcement just came recently, within the past day or so… so a number of us from that community have migrated here.

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If it was going to close I would hope Ben and Andrew would sell the code and database for cheap.

It would suck but I spend most of my time in the chatroom and I know how to get a hold of most of the people in there.

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@shadling21 on, we actually have a couple (awesome people, both of ‘em) who met a few years ago on there, and now have a newborn! And there’s a few other couples from there, and many friendships.

So there is a decent amount of hope for online relationships! :-)

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@resmc FGS is creating his account now. There was no way I would come here without him. :)

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@resmc – Well, welcome! The water’s fine. And this makes more people who I can lurve up and still have it count-for. That’s exciting! :)

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I think it rocks that they have come seeking a new home. I welcome them and the interesting conversation I think they will bring.

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Welcome to the fluther community newbies. Here’s to hoping you love it as much as we do. As for going back to ackville; Hell, I took that place out of my bookmarks, and I see no reason to go back there. Water under the bridge. let em eat bonus questions. Sorry, mixing metaphors now.

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glad to be here

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I don’t know any other sites like this save for MetaFilter, and I am part of both communities. I know if Fluther shut down, we’d all migrate to a new home, though it wouldn’t be the same.

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It has made me appreciate our community… I don’t know what I’d do without Fluther! I know how to reach a few people here in other ways, but not enough. I need to work on changing that. I’d hate to lose touch with my jellies. :(

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@laureth They have no where to return…their site is being shut down.

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I love that they migrated together. I think it shows they had a nice bond, and will probably bond easily here.
I imagine if something happened to Fluther, I’d cyber-stalk y’all to the new hub. Lol

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i’ve started stockpiling food, electricity and jellyfish in case the site ever goes down. and i’ve put some pancakes in the frizzer.

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We should have some kind of virtual mixer, where people kind of meet each other, and identify where they’ve come from, and maybe say a little about themselves in terms of characterizing their presence in their respective communities.

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@daloonagain – I agree. Let’s have an online party. I’ll bring the chips!

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I was actually thinking about a Fluther “party” today. How would we organize it? What would we do? I would love to meet some of you in person.

And welcome again wiz.dmrs! I hope you enjoy it here. I certainly have found this place to be one that challenges me, humbles me, and makes me laugh on a regular basis.

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If there’s a party, I’ll be there. ;)

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There is the question asking for profiles from the immigrants, but it isn’t really aimed at mixing. I think we all should do this, because they probably want to know about us as much as we want to know about them.

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Removed by self

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@daloonagain , I’m all for parties!!!!

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@Kelly27 Not that him having to come along is surprising, but that’s just so sweet!

@laureth Thanks muchly – ‘tis very nice to receive such a warm welcome :-)

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@laureth What do you mean you don’t know why we’re here? Why are you here? Why is anyone here?

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@casheroo—yeah, a bond like superglue! Kind of painful sometimes, too!

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@Jiminez – When I wrote that, I heard there were a bunch of new people from some other place that were descending upon Fluther. I knew no more than that: for instance, who they were, or why they were descending.

It’s all cool. I know now. Thanks.

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@asmonet That’s uh—what we did. :) :(

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