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What is the most lost you've ever been?

Asked by aviona (3255points) March 22nd, 2009

You had no which way was north, south, east, or west. And had no idea how to get where you needed to go.

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And here I thought this was about emotions.

I accidentally wound up on a ‘secret’ base in Virginia. Those men terrified me and followed me for a three miles as I left. I have no clue where I was, their secret is very, very safe.

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1st day of college.

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I was 19 and was fucked up. I ended up about 20 feet from from my house. I woke up in the bushes. I just couldn’t find my my house. But I was in the lawn.

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@asmonet I can have non-emotional moments alright! :P

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When I moved to San Francisco out of the blue.

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My family’s first day in japan ( we got off the plane at around 2 am) – we were dazed and dizzy and tired from being on a plane 12 hours. Wen we got outside there were so many lights that blinded us in the darkness. A 22 year old girl told us she was from my dad’s ship and was supposed to drive us to the base (2 1/2 hours away). Within an hour we were so lost we didn’t know which way was which. we couldn’t read the road signs ( they were in Japanese) so we stopped on the side of the road and she called a million people to find out where the hell we were

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@boots I’m from the Bay Area and I can relate—San Francisco is confusing as hell. You can never turn left…anywhere…or only at certain hours of the day.

My friend had to learn to drive a stick shift there! Can you imagine?

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@aviona I couldn’t imagine driving there at all, not to mention manual drive…

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Kodiak, Alaska.

midnight, I leave a bar after roughly 10 beers and half a bottle of liquor looking for my ship.


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Here, on this site. I asked 6 questions today, good ones mind you and 4 of them were sent to moderation. Total BS I say, they say they are going to be more lenient to new people. I am really not pleased with this site. What a warm reception I have not received as of yet.

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@aviona I didn’t know you could have non-emotional moments ;) haha! I had a well thought out answer based on my emotions too! On that note: The first time I had to get myself home from school alone when I was in Germany was terrifying! Trains, timetables, another language. I may have been standing in once place, but I couldn’t have told you where that place was if you had asked me!

@Kevisaurus you’ll figure out fairly quickly what constitutes a question that can get through the Mods or not, just hang in there. I think the Collective has been very welcoming and warm towards our new friends!

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it’s been quite a day, i’m tired
thought your question said ‘whats the most in love you’ve ever been?’
which is quite different from what you asked, or is it?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’m too tired to be philosophical. Ask me that at a later date. Good question, though. Seriously.

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New Jersey. It’s an abyss.

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This one night when a 7 minute walk to my house took me 3 hours.

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I get lost so often it’s not even funny anymore. I have no sense of direction whatsoever. If I can’t see it, I don’t know how to get there. I once left a hotel valet parking stand in Washington, DC to try to find a (much cheaper) parking spot on the street. I planned on driving around the block. I didn’t make it back to the hotel for three hours.

I could not find my way out of a paper bag. :(

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@augustlan my best friend is like that, getting into a car with her is frequently an adventure. My little sister is pretty bad too, might be her “all left turns will bring you home eventually” theory. Haha.

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3 days lost in the Yucatan Peninsula because I drove the jeep off road at night, lost my way, and then the jeep broke (..not exactly broke…okay, I got it stuck on a big rock).....and I hadn’t brought any food or water (well I had one candy bar). But maybe that doesn’t count as once I found the coast I basically knew where I needed to go. I just didn’t know how far out I was.

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I went hiking in Canada once with a few friends. There was still snow on the path, so we couldn’t always see it—it was supposed to be an adventure, and it was. I don’t think we were really worried about being lost (although we kind of knew we were) until we came back into the search zone. I freaked out when we saw we were approaching the “beyond this sign, we’re not looking for you if you get lost” sigh from the back.

Anyway, we were lost on trails for a few hours. Since that was the general idea, I wasn’t worried until we were almost back to the car. That sign just kind of freaked me out.

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I was in Australia. Somewhere in Queensland. I had no idea where I was. And neither did my Australian traveling companion. It was pretty scary for about 10 minutes until we could find a town.

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I was helping my sister with a research project in the Everglades, tracking Cape Sable Seaside Sparrows. These tiny little brown birds had radio transmitters, so you slog through water, mud, and saw grass (avoiding the alligator nests, mosquitoes, snakes, and poisonwood bushes) holding a receiver above your head and following the beeps in your headphones.

I failed to get my heading before starting out, so after about three hours of slogging and chasing this little bird, I suddenly realized I had no idea how to get back. The 360 degree view was water and saw grass – nothing as far as the eye could see, no landmarks whatsoever. The real complication was that it was my last day there and I had a plane to catch that afternoon.

I managed to find my way, but I’ll never forget the feeling of being in the middle of nothing for as far as I could see.

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Before they invented GPS? Just about EVERYTIME I drove somewhere. I have NO sense of direction.

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As soon as the delivery doctor slapped me on my ass 25 years ago.

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And that son of a b*tch never called me.

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@augustlan: Since we come from the same general area, baby, I can relate. But I have to admit, you nearly broke some of my stitches just now with that little anecdote. Shame on you.

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Be careful of your mouf stitches, girlie.

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Not a problem anymore, I broke that one a moment ago when elijahsuicide was telling everyone she was the thing outside my window.


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