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Who do you think is the best choice for the penguin in the next batman movie?

Asked by MadParty (262points) March 24th, 2009

i say jack black

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I think that JB can just play one kind of roles, and thus would make for a poor penguin…
I am not really sure who Id want to see, but hopefully not JB….

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@Staalesen i’ve seen him play the villain abusive husband in touched by an angel and also a reaaly well done scumbag dopedealer on law and order,plus his work in school of rock and king koong is quite good and he makes for believable characters

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Not in my opinion, I think that in the role of a comicbook villain he would revert to the goofy speceter of his acting…. and the role in school of rock is almost the same char. as Pick of destiny….
I would love to see a short , fat Edward Norton in the role when I think about it…

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Ugh! Jack Black needs to go to Overactors Anonymous.

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rosie ‘odonell

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what about benicio del toro as the penguin

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Philip Seymour Hoffman; he creeps me out.

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is it really Penguin who is the villain?
is there a start date for the new batman?
where did you get the information from

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@sandystrachan the idea just popped into my head,i have no real idea who is the villain or when or if there will even be a new batman movie

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there will be more batmans i hear its riddler that may be the next villian.
and the director wont be the same guy from the dark knight.something along the lines of he doesnt think he can bring anymore to the batman legacy.tho this may not be true

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Actually, I hope they don’t make any more Batman movies. They have really milked that series for all it’s worth.

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@bythebay Philip Seymour Hoffman is who everyone wants to play the penguin tho it is said he doesn’t want the part tho again this could be lies or some truth to it

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@The_unconservative_one: Agreed. The two Bale movies are perfect as is. Particularly if they’re going to change directors.

Now if they have to do a third movie, I would vote for the Riddler. Barely show him at all. It could be a psychological thriller where Batman is tracking this seriel killer who is becoming increasingly more aggresive as the movie progresses. Of course the clues are all riddles. Detective skills are needed, Gordon is helping, people are dying left and right. Builds to a fever pitch until…

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I bloody LOVE the darker versions of the Riddler. The new animated season of batman designed the character really well to translate to creepy cartoon. I think the rule about batman villains, as its a primarily ‘nonmagical’ world as far as comic books go, is that they’re all utterly deranged. Dark. Terrifying. Perfect.

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I really hope they don’t do the penguin. He is so lame and nothing is super-villan about him. Edward Norton as the riddler.

Or Megan Fox as catwoman, I think it would be ok to add sexyness into the series

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Lisa Lampanelli. She looks like an overgrown Danny DeVito in a pink dress and a blond wig.

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Tim Roth

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No one since Nolan already said he WILL NOT be using the penguin as hes a horrible character.

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well, you are the uber-batman

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the penguin is not a horible character, he’s a crimeboss/fence/dealer in stolen and illegal merchandise,that would translate very well to the series, a short fat,crimeboss, tough as nails hardened criminal, who is killing his way to the top

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the penguin done right is an interessting villain, but there are many better to draw from :)

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i also think Anarky would be an interesting choice.

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