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Is general tsos chicken made of dog?

Asked by biblethumper (17points) March 24th, 2009

theres a popular rumor around my close circle of friends that someone had told a friend of mine that general tso is actually made out of dog and not chicken, is this true?

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No. That’s not true. It’s made out of generals.

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if it is, it sure is delicious! mmmm that’s some tasty german shepherd.

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i highly doubt it.

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I really doubt that to be true, but I guess depending on how sketchy of an area you come from, it might be. ;)

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In WHAT country?

In Korea? Maybe.

In the USA? No, that’s the founder of PETA, you’re eating ;D

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Chicken is cheaper than dog so it is not economically likely.

That aside don’t you love when food rumors go around? They are very entertaining.

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maybe Dog the Bounty Hunter would taste better?

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Yes; but get the Triple Delight instead. It’s made from dog, cat & rat – more bang for your buck!

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Depends on whether there are lost dog and lost cat signs in front of the restaurant…my friend put a few out in front of his restaurant when he took over the restaurant from his in-laws…he’s a sick, sick man and that’s why I’m his friend :-)

and the answer by the way is NO

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What the hell is happening on fluther?

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What’s the matter @ubersiren; you’re not hungry?

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@bythebay : I’m very hungry actually. Maybe that’s why I’m so grumpy. I feel like crying and punching someone repeatedly. Maybe I’m pregnant.

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@ubersiren I feel the same way today!

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@ubersiren: ROFL4RL! (and before anyone asks or complains about unfair moderating, ROFLRL is an accepted meme on Fluther)

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Hey, this one is not one of ours! (that I know of)

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@Jiminez Any new person for awhile will be assumed to be a wis.dmer.

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@Kelly27: Not really, we have new people show up all the time.

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We had names for these types of people on We called them “blue faces” because they always had the default avatar and asked really hilarious, inane “magic 8-ball” questions. We compiled them all into one thread; was literally the most hilarious thread in the history of the internet. I’ll see if I can find it.

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That rumor is true if you’re asking it in 1991 when the rumor was initially spread by an eighth grader. If you look around your room and there are any mushroom cuts or people wearing all their clothing backwards, then yes, the rumor is true. It won’t be proven false for a few more years. ;)

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