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EBay vs Amazon. Which is better?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 24th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve always been an eBay user, but I’ve recently shopped around on Amazon and like it too. Do you guys have a favorite of the two?

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I use both regularly.

Typical eBay usage: needing rare toys for son that LOVES Wiz of Oz, collection of things from my locale/my family surname

Typical Amazon usage:
Buying books for Kindle, subscribe&save for Paper towels, tea, popcorn, organic food stuff, First Edition books, FREE SHIPPING ;)

I don’t know how I’d live without either, quite frankly. I LOVE not paying sales tax, that’s for sure!

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It’s not a matter of better, its a matter of it being more applicable to the situation at hand.

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Hands down it is Amazon. I have always used Amazon and I always get everything on time and most times it is free shipping.

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for SELLING and for browse-buying (or impulse buying like i do) its EBay…
for buying specific things is Amazon.

redwing tickets are better to buy to ebay.

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I’ve had lots of experience on both sites, and I really like Amazon more for new condition items, and eBay for used items (basically stuff you want but don’t want to drop a ton of money on). Amazon has great shipping times, while with eBay, you have to rely on the seller to ship the items in a timely manner, and sometimes the seller only ships one day a week, so you may end up waiting around a while.

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I’ve had some really bad experiences with eBay, so I much prefer Amazon. Whereas on eBay I’ve been scammed (I bought a product that the seller purposefully described misleadingly), I’ve been given unjust buyer feedback, my account was somehow spammed so sellers would get random emails from “me” about their products. Ebay never addressed the problems.

I’ve bought and sold items on Amazon and have had nothing but positive experiences. I have found the prices on Amazon are often better than those on eBay (especially with the shipping rates eBay is charging now). The only negative thing about Amazon is that you can only buy and sell products that Amazon currently sells.

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For selling everything except books: eBay

For buying books to resell: eBay

For buying and selling books: Amazon

For buying weird things, such as replacement lids for old Corningware, Hawaiian print Converse All-Stars, and used firefighter gear: eBay

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It’s not really comparing like with like, now is it?

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I much prefer Amazon because eBay requires Paypal, which regularly cheats sellers. I’ve had bad experiences as a seller there.

I would suggest selling stuff on Amazon, especially high quality expensive things. I like the high end goods I’ve bought from Amazon too. Use eBay to buy rare stuff or just to sell junk. Don’t sell expensive things on eBay because buyers can scam you with “chargebacks” and then you have to pay large amounts of money, even if you did nothing wrong!

Oh, I also like Amazon better, because I have a Kindle! I go there for many ebook purchases. :)

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Just a thought…shipping is never free.

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I prefer Amazon!

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FIGHT!!!! Let’s see Amazon take on Ebay (ala Harry Hill’s TV burp).

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For collectibles- Hands Down eBay and it’s just more fun to browse. For books- Amazon.
Just try to find a BUNNY LINDSTORM TOOL & TOY CO. 1930s tin toy on Amazon.

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I prefer, it is safe and don’t waste your time.

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I think amazon is better.

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I don’t think it’s more or less safe than ebay. I buy and sell on Ebay and the only one I’ve been scammed by are buyers who don’t pay. You can check a seller’s rep on ebay and their history quite easily before bidding. I don’t know about amazon.

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ebay= CUSTOMER products. CIVILIANS, NORMAL PEOPLE ALONE administer the sale, which makes any deal risky. The world is filled with jerks and scam artists. Also nice people. But that’s like… looking for the letter “S” in alphabet soup. If you even get that made-up expression.

Amazon= CORPORATION/COMPANIES products. Almost all products on amazon are legitimate, honest sales. However, the prices are almost the same, most a couple bucks less. But to save a trip around town? Worth it.

OVERALL: If you want to just simply BUY something, with a little discount, go with amazon.

Anything that’s not on amazon, or something you need with a major discount, go with ebay.

I think…. overall…. If you know how to use it…. Ebay is better. Much wider variety of things, collectibles, clothes, knives, ANYTHING, with great prices if you can bid well. WATCH OUT FOR SCAMS! (And CAPS lock. :D sorry.)

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