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If you've been to Germany, does it seem like they only have two sizes for drinks (too small and too hugely big)

Asked by getoffmylawn (175points) March 24th, 2009

Seriously: it seems like most things come in like .2l and well more than 1l.

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Yeah, glasses are too small in Cologne (0.2 liters) and too big in Munich (1 liter). Oktoberfest is full of 1 liter glasses.

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Can one ever have too much German Beer? I drink from my liter Hofbrauhaus stein often and marvel at it’s hugeness:)

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Yah that happened. The “too small” when I wanted glasses of water, juice, etc. were the ones that made me most crazy. There’s no such thing as “too big” when it comes to alcohol! :)

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Just so the hugeness doesn’t spill over onto the drinker. Is it inevitable that quaffing gallons of beer would lead to a beer belly? To me its a possibility.

What size is like .21? A pint, a quart, a demijohn, a crate, a barrel?

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Well, .2l is like a little less than 7oz. (l = litre)

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1 Liter is a little over 4 cups (1 cup is 240 ml and 1 liter is 1000 ml)
0,2 liter is UNDER a cup (200 ml).
And I agree, 1 liter is to much for one serving. But in Scandinavia the beer is served perfectly at 0,5 liter at a time. Tastes good all the way down, without being to small.

But pints also work (ca. 0,6 liter). Most of the good beer comes in pints.

You guys should really go metric!

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I actually thought of that once too. It’s true. I don’t drink beer, but this bar I worked at served beer in fairly small water-glasses (the real quantity would be around 200ml) or huge mugs (over 500ml). Most people want to drink around 300ml, so you either end up having several small ones, or letting your huge mug go warm before you drink it.

In Munich they even have 1L mugs (that’s a quarter of a gallon!)

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To go with the 16 oz. beefsteak or bratwurst? Pass the alka selzer.

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Outside of Bavaria 1 liter mugs are not used – 0.5 liters is the most common size – even in Cologne you will get a 0.5 glass of Hefeweizen.

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Yea! You are completely right. It’s either “too much money for that small cup.” or “All this for just…..?” Ya know?


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I cant wait to go back though.

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Never noticed that myself.

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