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Is there a good Indian reference for an American sports metaphor?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) March 24th, 2009

I would like to a dramatically describe a situation at work to a colleague who was educated in India with a sports metaphor.

Although he is perfectly aware of the rules of American football, I wanted to use a sports metaphor which would have a stronger impression to an Indian. Perhaps such as cricket?

I want to say something like, “The sales department moved the ball all the way down the field only to have the XYZ department fumble at the 1 yard line.” Is there a sports metaphor which might resonate better with an Indian?

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Here are some cricket analogies, if they don’t make sense, think of it in terms of baseball…sort of.

The batsman hit the ball and started running only for his running partner to slow down on his way to the post and be stopped by the wicket keeper and being “run out.” In this case batsman represents sales dept and running partner represents XYZ.


The bowler bowled the ball in a way to tempt the batsman to aim for a six. It was an easy catch for even an unprofessional but the fielder trying to catch it mid air lost his balance and fumbled and the ball fell (if he had caught it mid air, the batsman would be out). In this case, the bowler is sales dept and fielder is XYZ.

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