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This is not meant to be rude, but are "special" people aloud to vote?

Asked by brianlong88 (84points) March 25th, 2009

i was talking to a couple people at work and none of us knew for sure, we assumed they could but i was just curious if any one knew for sure?

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Yep. I actually just called a buddy of mine who is a caretaker to ask. It is legal in Oregon, he told me helped some people. Not filling out the ballet, just helping them get it in the mail.

In Oregon we vote by mail. But you can still do it in person if you need to.

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Yes, they are allowed.

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Everybody is “special” in there own little way.

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It’s dependant upon the region. The law in the UK states that a mentally handicapped person is permitted to vote unless in a state of mind which would disallow them from making sound and rational decisions that reflect their personal interests (the latter part being particularly important in the case of voting). An example of this would be if the person is in a severe and prolonged state of psychosis. The decision of whether this state of mind is present within a patient can only be made by a licensed psychiatrist (I am uncertain of whether a neurologist is also legally capable of this) though their decision can be overthrown by a successful court appeal.
I imagine the system is atleast somewhat similar in the US.

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Did you mean in the USA?

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I bet we are

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Actually, special people are the most vocal when they vote, compared to nonspecial people. They like to shout out their opinions, where others meekly keep them to themselves. So, yes, I’d say special people voice their opinions aloud. As long as they are over 18.

I would point out that if they weren’t, a lot of us would lose the right, since we’re all special, too!

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This is a joke, right? You’re asking if the mentally disabled are allowed to vote and you’re not even spelling it right?

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@PupnTaco: no, he’s serious. He wants to know whether special people vote aloud, or sub voce.~

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(pictures Down Syndrome kid screaming “I VOTE FOR SARAH PALIN, I VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION EIGHT”)

Cruel, but kinda funny? .....No?

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@PupnTaco: lurve from me for that. I think you’ve got the idea perfectly!

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Allowed** sorry it was late last night when i posted this

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In the US, you are allowed to vote if you are over 18 and not a convicted felon or imprisoned.

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Looking at our representation over the last decade, not only are some allowed to vote, but some are actually allowed to hold office.

Well, it would explain a lot!

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Hell, blind people are allowed to go hunting during deer season in Wisconsin.

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