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What is the best way to teach beginning division?

Asked by Liz6262 (1points) March 25th, 2009
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My daughter understood the concepts of multiplication and division before she started kindergarten. We did it playing with beans on the table. We made up stories. You have 10 beans and 5 friends. 19 divided by 5 is_______ and she would count out the first 5 then the second 5 and learn that each friend had 2.

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That’s what we did at my school. For extra fun, use M&Ms. Unless you don’t want them eating ‘em. In which case use beans.

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It’s to late for me to edit. I must be tired . A math question is not the time to get fat fingers!

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M&M’s, definitely. I tutored a fifth grade student in long-division (and other math-related concepts) for a year and having something yummy to eat after all that grueling thinking seemed to be the key to her eventual ‘A’.

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