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What careers would you recommend studying?

Asked by Sr_Q (319points) March 25th, 2009

President Obama urged Americans to pursue higher education, but what are some careers which interest you and which have the best outlook for the future?

Extra credit: Is it fun? What makes it so?

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I’m in the process of pursuing Nursing. Anything in the medical field is a great idea, in my opinion.

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I would recommend that each person figure out what he or she is most interested in. The careers I would recommend are not necessarily the careers that would suit you.

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Medicine. You get to learn amazing things, interact with awesome people, help people through (often) their worst periods in life, and, it is hard to be down-sized (people are always going to get sick).

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You can do whatever you want, with money that isn’t yours.

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I would love to go back to school and get a nursing degree. Being in the hospital so much with our daughter has made me appreciate the field of nursing, they do so much for the patient, it’s a neat field if you want to help others and don’t get too sqeamish.

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All science and technology and teaching. Engineering to deal with the energy and climate crisis will be in huge demand.

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Worm farming…the wave of the future.

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Apparently health care is where it’s at. But, it takes special people to work in healthcare. My mom is a nurse and PTA (working on her masters for nurse practioner) and she has to turn away work while people in other fields are jobless…

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@essieness has the right idea. Anything that can’t be oursourced, like health care and law and blue collar professions like electrician, plumber or landscaper. Basically anything that requires your physical presence. For example, I would not recommend XRay technician.

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Law. If I were a young woman, I would definitely be pursing a career in law. It isn’t for everyone. Not everybody has the stomach for it, and I mean that in the nicest way, but the benefits are seemingly never-ending, at least from what I have seen in working for the judicial department over the last six or seven years. Fun? Well, yes sometimes it is. Some of the things people actually say in Court are astonishing and trial transcripts are endlessly entertaining. I have a strange sense of fun, I know.

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@LostInParadise I was listening to a podcast, NPR I believe, and the guy brought his cousin on to talk to him about why he decided not to go to college. The host had been trying to convince his cousin that in these economic times, one must get a college education in order to have any chance at thriving. He also brought on an expert, whom he assumed would back up his college education theory. In fact, he was proven wrong. Just like the advice you gave, the expert said that the blue collar laborer jobs are going to be the ones to go for. A poly-sci degree won’t necessarily guarantee you job security, but fixing broken pipes… or rewiring someone’s home… most likely will.

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That’s very true and especially so in times of economic downturn. I own a service business and there will always be a need for certain things. There will always be wiring, plumbing, cleaning, building and the like because they’re vital to the basic running of society.

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@LostInParadise X-ray technician, yes. Someone has to physically put you in front of the machine or into the CT scanner. However, radiologists are suffering since x-rays and other images can be sent wirelessly to other locales (say, India or Canada) for someone to interpret much cheaper than a U.S. radiologist. In fact, this is happening all the time already.

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I would major in math, engineering, or in science. Then I would go to business school or law school afterwards. Having one of the aforementioned degrees will help differentiate yourself in applying to one of those two graduate schools.

I did finance and economics and loved it. But if you want to be strategic do what I said above.

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