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Are all humans born bisexual?

Asked by departed (63points) March 25th, 2009

Innate bisexuality (or predisposition to bisexuality) is a term introduced by Sigmund Freud (based on work by his associate Wilhelm Fliess), that expounds all humans are born bisexual but through psychological development (which includes both external and internal factors) become monosexual while the bisexuality remains in a latent state.”

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I think some people are born bisexual, bisexuals mostly. I also think some people are born homosexual and others are born hetrosexual.

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I believe in a spectrum. I don’t believe that too many people are 100% homosexual or heterosexual. I believe there is always room for a little bit of fluctuation (Kinsey scale-esque answer :)).

Around here we’re big fans of the terms “heterflexible” and “homoflexible”.

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No. That is pretty outdated research.

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I like the ther hetro/homo flexible :D
and I agree with adreamofautum :)

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Anything said by Sigmund Freud regarding pshychology is suspect due to he was a cocaine snorting addict who had a disposition to pedophilia…

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bisexual are selfish individuals. you cant have your cake and eat it too. ya know

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Well, think about it like a bell curve. You will have a few on one side a few on the other, and most in the middle. You do the math.

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@A_Beaverhausen And how do justify that ?
Bisexuals normaly just have one partner you know ?

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If they only have one partner, why are they bi?

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Because they are atracded to both genders…
by that reasoning every hetrosexual should have everybody else of the opposite gender as partners….

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We do, don’t we…! :>)

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I agree with @adreamofautumn . @A_Beaverhausen , I would like to know why you think this.

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@A_Beaverhausen I can have a cake and eat it to, btw Just get to know a baker

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No, I believe sexuality is mostly determined in the womb, a combination of environmental and genetics. It can undergo shifts, but always due to experiences, never as a natural force.

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No, only a small minority is.

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Bisexuals don’t always have to have two partners. They are just attracted to more than one gender.

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(psst – since no one mentioned it, it’s hetero…)

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@gailcalled by the time I caught it I couldn’t edit it :/.

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No, I don’t think so, though I believe that all humans hold potential aspects of both hetero- and homo-sexuality in them.

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No one knows. You can’t prove it. Why are people posting such definite specific answers?

You can only “think” it or “believe” it, so far. I doubt any of you have done scientific research to prove it true or false.


That was pretty ignorant of you. Bisexual isn’t about “not making up your mind”. Bisexuals are simply attracted to both sexes.

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@Dansedescygnes I believe my answer contained the words “I think” twice. What’s with the attitude?

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What makes you think I was talking to you?

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I was referring mainly to PupnTaco who simply said “no”. This question doesn’t ask “do you think all people are born bisexual?” it asks if they are. Simply put, no one has made a definite law regarding whether or not people are born bisexual so it’s all up to speculation. I’ve seen numerous times on other websites where people say things like “people are NOT born gay”, etc. How do they know that?

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A) I was not born bisexual
B) I am a human
C) Therefore, not all humans are born bisexual


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Yeah, for some reason, I was neglecting the word “all” in the question. Very few questions with the word “all” in it are going to be answered with “yes”.

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I do not have much faith in anything Sigmund Freud has to say. He studied sick people, and you cannot determine what is normal if you do not study those who are normal.

I would say environment has little effect, as well as genes. If it did then all of a bisexuals/homosexuals siblings would share the same traits and preferences.

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I think humans are poly sexual at birth. They are very open. Culture closes those gaps.

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@Reality I agree and welcome to Fluther :)

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According to a recent survey 30% of men are attracted to both sexes and 30% of women are attracted to both sexes, and 20% of heterosexual men have bisexual tendencies.

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According to the 2010 United States census 35% of men living in the United States are bisexual and 35% of women living in the United States are bisexual.

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Bisexuality would no longer be considered taboo if christianity and heterosexuality
did not exist.

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Like someone else here said, “I believe that there is a spectrum of people born with a predilection from Homosexual to Heterosexual” Their ultimate preference is determined by a predetermined attraction and experiences throughout their lives.

Frankly, of all human traits, their sexual identification is the least important. What is more important is the person’s honesty, willingness to be productive, and their ability to live in peace with their neighbors.

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