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A fun question: What would you do with 50 million dollars?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) November 10th, 2007

10 million to family
pay off home mortgage
child’s college education
travel around the world
Hawaii for a year
and rest to Make a Wish and St Jude.

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spend it one day at a time.

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So here is the main dilemma with that question, most people on here are going to say that they are going to give se ridiculous sized donation but the truth is that most of us wouldn’t. I would pay off our credit cards, loans, cars etc… Show up at my dads house with a new mini cooper and
and the deed to his house. Buy one of those condos on a cruise ship that travel all over the world. Put the rest into a mixture of investments, trust, my ira and then give a couple million to leukemia research.

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I’d give 35 percent to the US government…around April 15.

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pay of college loans, mom’s mortgage on the house, credit card debt , etc
travel the world, buy a house by the beach, buy my sister a lexus, give $1000 dollars to a bum in NYC, start or invest in a web-startup, find out if money can buy happiness or not, donate a lot of money to my High School to have my name somewhere on the building , re-trace kerouac’s on the road, give scholarships to students who might not have good grades but are actually really smart,get an actual library and try to win a certain someone back (like gatsby)

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I’d bust every single animal out of China’s zoos.

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curtaincall is probably right, I’d make myself comfortable and then donate $25—$50K chunks to as many small local charities as possible.

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I think I’d put it in a bank account or something until I know a use for (parts of) it.

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Take care of my (financially-responsible) loved-ones’ debts, with a little extra for their retirements; invest in programs that would ensure financial independence for myself and as many generations of my descendents as possible, and then fund my future wife’s medical missionary trips, eventually retiring to a simple life of sailing around the world on our 40-some odd foot sailboat.

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1) pay off school loans and all debt
2) ensure future stability with investment in land/house
3) buy a blueberry farm
4) Create a fund for grassroots social movement work

It is an interesting question, generally. From all the stories I’ve read, of folks who strike it rich in a lotttery etc., even if they were pretty well off to begin with, the addition of the money to their lives dramatically affects there relationships with friends and loved ones. Maybe the trick is to use the money fast to shore up your own financial situation (pay off debt, make sensible investments), then get rid of it quickly in as constructive manner as possible—fast, before it wrecks things.

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I posted a similar question a few months ago. Feel free to check it out. Might inspire some ideas.

What would you do if you were rich?

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interestingly, a hefty percentage of lottery winners (as well as other suddenly-richers) end up broke – or even in debt. like other skills, it’s hard to suddenly know how to manage and budget money if you haven’t practiced it.

here’s an example article about this:

just to add it in there – in case you get that $50 mil—be careful! spend wisely! =)

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Set aside a chunk as an investment, pay off debt, give chunks to friends and family, make my favorite 2 or 3 charities happy, and then TRAVEL!

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Honestly? I’d put what’s left after Uncle Sam rapes me ( without the reach-around :( ), into a low-risk mutual fund and live off the interest.

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Invest diversely and hope to live the rest of my life using my wealth to affect positive change in the world.

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ski, ski, ski, ski and then a bit of skiing.

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continue my theatre work without worry about funding.
(be able to pay my actors properly!)

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I would buy a labrador puppet, look for the eternal summer travelling with my brand new sailing boat across the northern and southern emisphere.
And surfing where the waves are huge, of course.

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“I tell you what I’d do…two chicks at the same time.”

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I would buy a bunch of land way out in the boonies and build a huge house. Then i would build the worlds largest concrete skatepark. . I would build an airstrip and have a pilot on call for traveling. I would take care of my family. Build another skatepark for the kids in my hometown because they dont have one. i also want a lake and bumperboats.

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Sleep in it, preferably with this guy that I drunkenly made out with on the subway Monday night…

and then I’d pay off my school loans.

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I’d pay off debts, make sure my siblings were comfortable and offer some to my parents, although they probably wouldn’t take it, enroll in audio production school and follow my dreams :)

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@erin GA for “follow my dreams”

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Wow! 50 million dollars? This is really shocking if i have this amount. First I will give share for the church tithes are important to us. Because for me every time I receive money and blessings I will share ten percents to the church which we called tithes. Then second I will help all my family because family is important to me. My relatives who need help and to the people who need help. Then the left money I will save it to the bank for the future.

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