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Do you have any makeup (cosmetics) worries?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) March 25th, 2009

Possible side affects of makeup that you ever worry about?

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I worry that jonsblond is going to come home early sometime and catch me putting on hers.

i think she’d be more pissed about her panties though…

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The only thing that ever really scares me is mascara, since it often flakes off on me and gets lodged somewhere in my eye. I’m also worried about eye infections from it too, so I’ve scaled back a lot.

Other than that, the only other thing that freaks me out are some of these super-scientific face creams. I avoid them because who the hell knows what’s really in them, sometimes.

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Nope. Wash it off every night, moisturize and you are good to go.

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This is an odd concern, but I’m so used to seeing myself in eyeliner that I don’t like not wearing it. I can’t remember the last time I went out in public without it… so I suppose a kind of dependency has developed.

For the most part other than that I wear very little makeup, unless I feel as though I have a reason to look pretty, as opposed to fine. I’m very pale, I think “washed out” is a good way to describe how I look without some sort of bronzer or blush… but I don’t really care. My skin is somewhat rebellious so I try not to smother it. The makeup I do wear tends to be natural or of high quality, so I don’t worry too much about their side effects.

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Health-wise? Oh, yeah. There’s all kinds of crazy chemicals in that stuff. Our skin is porous, after all. I really appreciate Burt’s Bees.

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Probably. That is why I seldom wear it, except when on stage. Now that is real make-up, laid on with a trowel. It isn’t easy being green.

Otherwise my biggest problem is that I can get the eyeliner on my left eye pretty well, but I can never get my right eye to match. Perhaps that is why I always cheat a bit to one side or the other when acting.

At least I am not like my grandmother, who refused to let anyone see her “without her face on,” including my grandfather. That was one of the reasons they had separate bedrooms for much of their married life. He snored big time, too

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Lipstick has led in it, so I don’t wear that (not all kinds, but ALOT, you should definitely throw away anything that is old).

Other than that, vaseline, or petroleum jelly is a totally odd thing to use. It actually drains your lips of color.

I try to be green and use all-natural cleaning products, but green make-up is just far too expensive for me :(

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I do, but I’ll have to wait til I have the money to do anything about it.

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@Facade tell me about it!

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Im afraid that the constat use of eye-liner and pulling my lower eyelid down will make my skin loose some elasticity. But concercing the effects of make up in my skin, theres not much I worry about

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I don’t like wearing it because I’m afraid the pigment will soak in and leave permanent dark circles around my eyes, like some of the older women in my family.

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I do not put make up at all. I am a natural beauty :)
and more over it does not suits me at all

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I can’t wear eye shadow that has silica in it. It irritates my skin & makes it red & itchy. So I use Benefit & it works great.

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@Kelly100 : you are so lucky! I can barely recognize me without at least eyeliner. I dont overdo my makeup, its just that I think I look wierd without it.

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