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What would you call a reading group about emotional intelligence?

Asked by nina (895points) March 25th, 2009

The group will be conducted at the office and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is quite a mouthful

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EIBC? Or, Emotional Wisdom, EW!

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removed by me

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Heart Smarts

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@harp, I love that answer. Great idea.

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How about EQ?

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In the 21st century emotional intelligence is key – the opportunities for women keep growing – and more men need to realize the importance of fostering the EQ – logic and analytical skills only help up to a point

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Is what harp said what you’re looking for—you want a name for a group?

What is a group about emotional intelligence? A discussion group with only one topic? Is this a one time thing?

I thought you were looking for an opinion about such a group, but I guess not.

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@Harp and @Marina : Bravo to you two!

Some of my lame suggestions:
Table of content
The love chapter
Soft covers/ Softbound

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@Marina – what you said.

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EIG, where emotional intelligence reigns? Kind of like the opposite of AIG…where there was NO emotional intelligence-or any other kind either.

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A lady’s sewing circle.

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