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Woohoo! I have succesfully created and personalized a blog. What next?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) November 11th, 2007


I’ve set up a WordPress blog on my server today (, you probably can’t understand it) and typed a welcome-message. I’m quite happy, because finally I toke the jump to just do this. (it failed a couple of times before)

But what to do next? How do attract people to my blog? How to keep it interesting? Can someone give me some advice?

Greetings Davey.

P.S: Translation of first alinea, to give you the purpose of the blog:

I’m Davey Yzermans, I’m 13 years old and I made this blog. Why? Well, For a couple of reasons:

1. Otherwise I pay a webhoster while I don’t use it.
2. I love reading blogs, so why don’t I make one myself?
3. I switch to a Mac soon, and I want to share my experiences with you.
4. Just to chat.

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I run a blog myself, I’m 17.

I find that the most popular posts are those that are tutorials, teaching people how to do things. Although I often post shorter articles on my opinions .etc, these are less popular.

Choose your topics, and then stick to them unless you have a really compelling reason to change. For example, I mostly cover website design and the Mac, although I express interest in graphics design and advertising

The reasoning behind sticking to your original topics is that you will have likely drawn in subscribers as a result of a post you will have previously made, and often the only reason to stick around is to see more of the same.

Oh, and be patient!

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Focus on a specific subject, have a target audience and write for them. People will know how to find you.

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I agree with vincent that it’s a better idea to write for a specific demographics. Start blogging about something you think you know alot about. If you feel like you have written something good, submit it to social-news websites like digg,reddit,etc. to broaden your blog audience

ps. i have a tumble-log ( but it does not focus on any one specific topic. Instead it contains a mind-dump of things i find or would like to say.

@richard: how are you 17 and in college?

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mirza, I’m 18 and in secondary school :) (Or perhaps I’ve misunderstoof the meaning of college?)

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I think he asked Richard…

Thanks for the suggestions, but is it also possible to blog about mutiple subjects? Sometimes I just start to write, and then it goes about everything! :-)


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Klaas, you can blog about multiple subjects, but it won’t be good for its popularity. You could e.g. start different blogs on different subjects :)

(Also, you could be the subject yourself, but then your target audience is “people that know you”)

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mirza: the education system in the UK means that college begins at 17, closes at 18, and then we begin three years of University study. I think we just title the various stages differently to the US.

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