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What gets you though hard times?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) March 25th, 2009

what song, movie, book, etc

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used to be cuddling, reading, watching Almost Famous or Garden State

lately iPod & Ativan, making mix CDs

I’m not so healthy right now.

kind of makes me wish I were religious

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Music, reading the Bible, prayer…

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:( life effing SUCKS

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Knowing that it can’t be This bad all the time. I believe that We have (close to) the same amount of good and bad days. They are not handed out evenly, mind you. Kinda like a roller coaster.

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Working. Life can be crumbling down around me in all other ways but if I can go to work and keep taking care of my obligations, I can rebound.

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@A_Beaverhausen it’s so ironic to see that statement next to the smiling face in your avatar, which i would assume is you…

but yeah, i feel you. right now.

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I’m sorry you are having a difficult time right now. I do hope things improve.

I go to my journals and about some of the times when I thought my life was at it’s lowest point and realize that things can get better.

I’ve been poor, really poor. I’ve struggle with health issues and raised a daughter for a good part of her life, without any help. I’ve been betrayed by the people I trusted the most and come back to the other side of things. I’ve lost loved ones and am still dealing with the loss of my dad – but I know that I will, eventually, be able to function without that complete pain in my heart that I have right now.

I play with my kids and hang out with my husband. He helps me remember what is most important in life. Our family.

It’s not easy, but I use what is around me to help me get out of that place. In fact, I’m working on that, right now.

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@boots: Oh yeah, booze/hooch- how could I forget! Booze and the job go hand in hand ;p

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I think for a while I masked the hard times within myself by taking ecstasy a lot and being in love with someone else…

I just realized this.

@cak going through old journals does help surprisingly. Realizing that things were suckier int he past and, wow, it can improve.

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Always remember this: It will get better. It always does. I promise. :)

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im ugly when i frown. lol

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Boots just made me want to get drunk.

and @A_Beaverhausen & you’re pretty when you smile!

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@VzzBzz Can I work for you??

@aviona Well what’s stopping you?

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running, watching Wings of Desire.

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Sitting in the sun looking at the flowers or the birds
“Counting my blessings” (trite but true)
Painting or making stuff

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I forgot writing.

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I forgot sunshine!

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@boots I’m alone!

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@aviona Not when you’ve got friends here.

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My family gets me through hard times. Especially my eight year old sister who makes me laugh every time I see her-

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@aviona holy crap nothing should make you wanna get religious…

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@Darwin you clearly don’t live in the mid west if looking at flowers and birds cheers you up hah… corn fields?

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Music and television

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@aviona Ecstasy and Lorazepam – A winning combination! What is ecstasy like? I’ve never tried it. Is it like LSD?

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I wasn’t on as many meds when I was on the ecstasy binge…

It’s nothing like LSD really. Just imagine the happiest you’ve ever been…times a million. And you want everyone else around you to feel as amazing as you do. Physically and emotionally.

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sunshine, like augustian says. true!

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@madcapper – No, we grow sorghum and cotton down here. It’s too dry for corn. But I have created an oasis for my enjoyment, and the Red-Winged Blackbirds in the sorghum fields are marvelous to watch.

First cardinal of the year came this past weekend!

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