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What is the greatest age difference you would consider in a romantic relationship?

Asked by mrswho (1690points) March 25th, 2009

This comes from VzzBzz’s interesting question that I wanted to look at from a different angle. I suppose that if there was some epic “one true love” situation I might consider dating someone at most 30 years older than myself. I can’t be sure but that’s what I would estimate. I wouldn’t date someone more than a year or two younger than myself because I’m 18 and that gets pretty creepy pretty fast as I go younger.

What’s the oldest age you would date?
the youngest?

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I’m about to turn 20, which is really bizarre in and of itself. Obviously it depends on the person. Upwards I would probably date 10 years at this point (might change as I get older). And at I probably wouldn’t date anyone younger than 18, honestly.

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As long as he’s older than me it doesn’t matter.

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Interesting question.
On one hand, I want to be with someone who can have children with me and be around to raise them, go hiking and do other sports with, and someone I will find physically attractive. However, there are no guarantees in life- someone my age (28) can be hurt, sick, or disfigured. And a few years of amazing is better than none…

As for younger, as long as he’s of legal age and we have enough in common and the same basic timeline for life happenings, and he’s ok with being with an older woman, I’m ok with it.
So that’s my answer… a total lack of answer. :)

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I have dated guys ten years older than I am. I would not go much younger than five years and even that is unlikely.

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It’s funny. My current boyfriend, when we first met, was 22. He said he’d never date anyone under 20. I moved in with him and started a relationship with him, a year ago. I was 18. It’s funny how things change when you find that perfect person.

I can say, I would never be with someone old enough to be my father, or young enough to be my brother, who is now 18. I would feel like I’m dating my brother, or one of his friends, and that’s just weird. Plus, in experience with dating younger BOYS, back in the day, I haven’t met one that was actually mature enough to handle me :].
As for older, I just don’t wanna feel like I’m dating my daddy. And I definitely wouldn’t want to date someone that old who wants me to call him daddy.

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This is a good rule to follow, IMO.

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@PnL That is quite amazing. Lurve.

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As long as both parties are of age, it doesn’t matter. I would not be shocked at a difference of 60 years in either direction, even though I’m afraid I wouldn’t predict much of a future for the relationship. Consider Harold and Maude.

I have seen greatly successful relationships with a gap of 25 or 30 years between the parties, in several cases with the woman older. Really, if it suits the couple, why should it matter to anyone else?

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As long as they are both legal, age does not matter.

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Youngest: legal age
Oldest: wow, dunno. I’ve fallen in love with people over 60yrs old so far and haven’t really ever considered a number.

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Age means nothing to me, if I have something in common with the person, and fall in love with them…why would age factor in?
They do have to be legal, of course.

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It does not matter. The older you get the more you realize you are the same (only better) person you have always been. This applies to the other as well. The older you get you are also more able to understand age means so little, except perhaps a little less time on this planet—yet this is not always the case either. It is the connection between people that matters.

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99 years max. So far I’ve dated a girl 12 years younger and a woman 8 years older. But I’m not even 200 yet.

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Honestly, I prefer people within 5 years of me. I prefer someone going through a similar stage of life as I am. I’m also kind of biased against younger men. Not that I have strict rules concerning age, just general guidelines.

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She has to be 18.

17 years old..mmm..troubles!

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17 years is my limit

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I’ve been in relationships with people my age or up to 3 years older. I would certainly consider more of an age gap, thought without any experience it’s hard for me to set a limit.

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@PnL Lurve for finding the Standard Rule of Creepiness.

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I don’t care how old I am, if I’m ever single again, I won’t rule out anyone over the age of 20. However, most likely, if any young woman would date me, I’d have a hard time relating to them or being interested in their problems. Most likely the fulfilling relationships would be with women over the age of 35. Maybe 40.

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So I used to be on the side of the fence that thought I would never date a guy more than a year or two younger than me. Until recently when I met the most amazing guy. He’s 21, I’m about to be 28. At first I was really weirded out by it and thought there was no way we could have anything in common, but the more time we spend together, the less I think about our age difference. I was sure our friends would freak out, but nobody seems to think anything of it. We can talk about anything, enjoy each other’s company, have similar interests, and are basically crazy for each other. So, I officially change my stance on the issue ;)

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I think it’s easier for girls to be much older than their guys in a relationship.

When I was 22 years old I was engaged to a 44 year old, which most people thought was weird, but we were together 3 years and didn’t split up because of the age difference.

However, now I’m 29 and just finished a relationship with a 23-year-old, who was WAY to immature for me. He didn’t notice the age difference – but I did, excruciatingly sometimes.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. She would have to be able to bare a child, outside of that to the legal limit of what ever nation I was living in. If you love them and they love you, go for it. Who are you living your relationship for, the premission and acceptance of the populace?

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