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Is your newspaper on the way out?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 26th, 2009
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Not mine. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the best penetration of any daily newspaper in a city/region with a population of greater than 500,000. And, it’s a decent rag.

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It’s thinned significantly, and they give away issues sometimes now. It was also one of the first to charge for online access, so it has that going for it. Luckily, we have a nice online upstart to take up the slack.

@Sueanne_Tremendous, you said “penetration.” heh heh.

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Nope, the Des Moines Register is still widely read.

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oh yeah. (you forget about these things after 4 years of benefitting from a hysterectomy).

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Our paper is starting to struggling. They have cut staff and will be cutting more. I’m outside of Charlotte, NC

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I heard that the Chicago Sun Times is nearly done. And I live in Wyoming, where we used to get Rocky Mountain News, and they just stopped their circulation a couple weeks ago.

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My hometown papers are The Times, The Daily News and The Post, none of which are going anywhere.

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I have to say, as much as I like the look and feel of picking up a newspaper to read, I think it is time to say good bye to a few of them. It just seems rather extraneous to have so many papers all over. Especially places that have two or more.

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Also, what I find terribly egregious are these media lamentations about the “grey ladies” blah blah. If they did their jobs investigating the truths of certain matters instead of painting corporate and government whitewash, then we’d probably still be buying them. Of course, getting anthrax in the mail certainly influences behavior.

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I’m kind of new in my city but the newspaper is very thin, not at all what I was used to with the SF Chronicle or Examiner. Where I work, they provide newspapers in the waiting lounge but don’t even bother with the local, they set out USA Today.

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I hope not! I needs ta clip my coupons, ya heard?

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We are becoming a 1 newspaper town (Seattle Times). The other newspaper (Seattle PI) posted itself in it’s final edition, in the obituaries! So hilarious. It died at 141 years old. :)

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Possibly. The SF Chronicle is struggling big time.

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@3or4monsters, that’s funny! Another reason to love Seattle.

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Our paper, the San Diego Union-Tribune, was on the market for quite a while and sold recently. I don’t know much about the new owners, so I don’t know if they will be able to revive it- it had lost a lot of content over the past couple of years. maybe they will make it less conservative…I can always hope!

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My favorite paper, Rocky Mountain News, from when I was growing up is shutting down, or already gone.

But in the town I am in now, there is only one paper. Don’t think it is going anywhere.

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