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how do I set up am email account for my iPhone?

Asked by PHASE123 (14points) November 12th, 2007 from iPhone

I have an hotmail account and I want to sync it with my iPhone so I can use the
Mail function, on my iPhone. Any one known if its possible with hotmail and if so how do I set it up? Thanks :)

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Best I remember, hotmail doesn’t support pop or imap. Unless I am wrong, no.

Yahoo offers free “push” service and Gmail offers free IMAP. I use both on my iPhone.

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glial: GMail currently only supports IMAP in the US. (because it’s in beta, well, actually, it always was :-))

But I think IMAP-support will come to other countries. Eventually…

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aol work well and it is free too

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IzyMail is the solution for Hotmail on your iPhone. Setup instructions can be found at

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can I set up more than 1 email adress on izymail and does izymail exspire

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