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My laptop keeps shuting off?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) March 26th, 2009

My laptop will sometimes “black out”. It’s been doing it more and more. It seems like it is hibernating, because after it blacks out about 30 seconds or so, it’s goes to my user name and password then turns on and does it again like 5 min. later. I know it’s not on hibernation or sleep mode, i checked. So if someone knows, i could definitely use your help!

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I’ve found that googling the model of your laptop + the problem your having will bring up message boards of people complaining about the same problems, and the people who’ve answered them may help you find out what you can do to fix it.

I used to have a laptop that did that, it turned out to be a bad connection between the battery and the power supply (It was many many years ago, I may be misremembering). I gave up because their tech support was atrocious, and got a new once (of a different model!) since that old thing was a dinosaur that needed to be put down, anyways.

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@Amoebic thanks :D i’ll look into that.

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It might be your battery. My laptop does that if I leave it unplugged for even just a few minutes.
Definately take it in to be checked out.

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