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How to stop a computer going onto power save mode?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) July 20th, 2012

Not sure of the model or make, only that it is a lap top. My net friend says he cannot stay connected to yahoo via his lap top, as it cuts off during the night. Meaning it cuts off from the net? And goes onto standby?

Is this possible? If so how does he prevent that, and is it bad for a lap top to stay on all night?


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Assuming that we are talking about a windows machine: Go into the control panel and select “Power Options”. The options to correct this problem are there.

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Most laptops have the option to turn that off by simply going to the battery settings, which can be accessed easily through the battery icon at the bottom-right. Right-click it and go into the settings, keep on reading until you find how to turn off power saving mode. (Some even let you disable it without going into the settings page)

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Another vote for Power Options.

I set mine for 15 minutes on battery and Always On when plugged in.

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Thanks for your suggestions, he said he does that I am thinking the battery needs replacing?

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If it’s plugged in, it won’t care.

If it shuts off on battery power, remember that no laptop yet has a battery that will last all night. In fact, very few go more than 6 hours; many last less than 3 on batteries. So of course it will shut down, and there isn’t anything that can be done about that except plug it in. And if it works at all when plugged in, then it won’t care how long it’s left on if the power options are properly configured. And no, I rarely take people’s word for things like that unless I know their skills are comparable to mine.

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@jerv How can one make sure that they are properly configured? It would be a great help if you could advise. Do you need make and model so on?

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It’s a packard bell imedia on windows 7, and he has it set to “never”. He has tried ticking “balanced” and ” power save” modes but don’t keep it on.

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It’s a function of Windows, and the Win7 on that HP is the same as the Win7 on my Toshiba.

Mine reads Custom overall because i manually tweaked it. Before I did so, I had similar issues with it shutting down even when plugged in. Windows doesn’t listen very well :/

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