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It will be a tough year of transition for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the loss of a coach, many key players & two star running backs doubtful. What strategies do they need to implement to have a successful 2009 season in the NFC South?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) March 27th, 2009

Gruden had to walk the plank, then they lost most oftheir 30 somethings, Jeff Garcia can’t do the job anymore. Caddilac blew out his other knee & and Earnest Graham is in recovery. Wow! It most definitely will be an exciting year with so much energy and unknowns. It seems that the NFC South flip flops with first to worst as of late. I appreciate any speculations you can make regarding the Bucs. We can talk at full length about the team too if you like.

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They need to find a franchise quarterback. They’ve been having quarterback carousels/controversies for as long as I can remember.

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I follow the AFC, so I really don’t have any speculations to contribute. Sorry about that. I feel your pain though. I’m still crying over the loss of Shanahan and the future of the Broncos.

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I’m a Bengals fan, so if anyone knows anything about pain, it’s me (and probably Lions fans).

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@TenaciousDenny lol, probably Lions fans? :)

@Kraken Maybe Shanahan will go to Tampa, then you would have no worries. He’s the best coach out there.

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I, personally, do not mourn the loss of Chuckie. (It could be argued the Super Bowl win was really Dungy’s.) The team they had was not getting it done to a high enough level for several years.

It was time for radical change, although I will miss some of those guys. I suspect this first year will be a throwaway in terms of the playoffs.

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@TenaciousDenny that’s the main thing I know. It was pretty lame that the 30 something squad fizzled out last year. Jeff Garcia is a good second string QB & nothing more.

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@jonsblond I know that all Gruden did was ride Dungy’s coat tails to the Super Bowl. That was not his team at all. When he made it his team, it just fell apart at the seams. Shanahan is a good coach. It’s still a mystery as to what the team will look like.

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