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Are girls in private high schools friendly?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) March 27th, 2009

This summer im moving to NY and im qoinq to a private high school. I am going to enter as an 11th grader. My friends say that they’re stuck up and conceited.Is this ture?

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I really have no idea, but it’s funny that you ask this because I’ve been watching Gossip Girl lately…hope they’re not like that!

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Just like every other place and walk in life, you will find some that are friendly, some that are conceited, etc etc. You cannot generalize all the people in the high school (or anywhere really) with a set personality. Just be yourself and be friendly, and those that are worth knowing will reciprocate. :)

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I’m pretty sure you get all types of girls at all types of schools.

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I live in Las Vegas, there are plenty of establishments where a lot of “private high school girls” part-time because someone in their family became ill and now they have to pay tuition.

I assure you they are veeeeery friendly :)

psst, it’s a joke

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I went to a private high school in New York. Not the city, but in the third largest city in the state. Unfortunately there were a good number of girls who could be described as stuck-up, but there were of course ones who weren’t. To be honest, the majority of the girls were kind of stuck-up and bitchy, but then again there were only 30 people in my grade so it’s a small population. I was friends with the seven or so girls who weren’t stuck up, and it was totally fine. I love them to this day. You won’t be completely friendless, although there may be a larger portion of girls who deserve some eye rolls than at a public school. :)

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My recommendation is that you go into it with an open mind. Every school is different. If you already believe them to be stuck up, then they probably will be. Like @PnL said, be yourself and give them a chance and I’m sure you’ll find some nice friends.

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Your question is too broad. It’s impossible to answer.

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I got “friendly” with private school girls when I was in high school.
maybe not in the same way you are asking though

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i dated this girl who went to a private school once, she was pretty cool at the time, but then she became a bitch about 2 years after we broke up, so i’m not really sure how to answer the question based on personal experience

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only “in private” I hope :)

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dont mean to sound rude but isn’t that like asking if sugar doughnuts contain sugar in them?

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@TaoSan – heh, well, most of the time.

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Some will be, some won’t be, but don’t worry—you’ll find somewhere to fit in. There is a good chance that throughout your life you will amaze yourself with your ability to do this. You’ll always find at least one or two people who will be there for you.

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@mzdesigns Only If your Diabetic!

You will probably run into some girls like that yes, but its like a box of chocolates… a random assortment.

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The hardest part is entering as an 11th grader. Whether the school is private or public, you will be with kids who have grown up together, by an large. Which school, if you don’t mind me asking? (Emma Willard, by any chance?) Most good independent day schools help a new student integrate by giving her a buddy or big sister or faculty mentor.

I worked in an independent day school for years; teenagers were teenagers. There was very little evidence of elitism or conceit. But then again, it was a Quaker school.

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The same as anywhere else I suppose. I went to a catholic grade school and a private highschool, you’ve got assholes and you’ve got people that are fun to be around, just like everywhere else.

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some are “freindly”, some are just plain snobs

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As I remember it, girls in the local Catholic high school were VERY friendly. At least that’s what the guys said. <;P

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@galileogirl I’ll second that. it’s all those rules and constraints through out the day. teenagers, even more so with girls specifically, have an innate and biological determination to achieve independant thought and self reliance, and teenagers often lack the proper ability to moderate themselves, it’s usually one extreme or the other.

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Well my wife went to private school and I like her…

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