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Can anyone give me an unbiased comparison of Macs vs. Pcs?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) March 27th, 2009

Everyone has an opinion on which is better, but which actually is?

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OS X works faster (i.e. workflow, booting) Windows plays more games feels more clunky

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Can anyone give you an unbiased opinion? No, probably not. Mac vs. PC debates are worse than theist vs. atheist debates.

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It depends on what type of user you are. I would also include Linux in your comparison, as it has pros and cons (and is becoming more mainstream, such as it being found on the EEE pc).

If I were a tinkerer for example I would love Linux or one of its flavours. as it lets you get into the nitty gritty bits of running an optimized machine, you configure and modify your programs as much as you’d like. It can emulate Windows too using a program called Wine, but most companies don’t produce native Linux software.

One advantage Mac has is the iLife software. It is generally very easy to use, and one can create a wonderful DVD very easily. This is not to say one cannot do so with Windows. However, Mac has created a beautiful software suite that makes it so easy and gentle that it’s worth noting here.

Hardware-wise, there is no real difference anymore, nor does it matter. Unless you are rendering 3D movies, most laptops and desktops will do, and this will only become more true as time goes on.

What matters most is what you are going to use it for, what level of computer user you are, if you value style and aesthetics over functionality and tinkerability, etc.

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I am completely Mac v.s Pc unbiased. I have used both and am proficient in both.
But I am not a computer tech person so I’m not sure if I have the write language to describe what I like and don’t like.

Macs have less errors. And on a Mac you can now run Windows if you want using an awesome program called Parallels. I’ve used it and loved it. I also prefer the design of macs aesthetically.

Pcs tend to be more user friendly in the way that they are much easier to figure out. And that is a big bonus. Also I seem to find that more programs, software, and games run using Windows/PC.

I would say Macs are better for the office and PCs are better for home.

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I stand corrected.

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Windows is more customizable, plays more games, is compatible with everything. Not everything is compatible with Mac. There are many different physical computers to choose from.

Macs never crash, they take quicker to start up, they’re easier to deal with when a problem comes up. There’s only one type of computer you can get for it.

I am a Windows person, though I have access to both. Just depends on what you want.

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I doubt anyone can give you an unbiased comparison. It’s all subjective – people have different needs.

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Any debate is possible when cooler heads prevail.

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no such thing as unbiased.

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no better or worse. Just different

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@Dansedescygnes I completely agree.

Macs are a great differental from the norm, but Windows is more compatable. Most software is written for windows rather than mac.
If you decide to get a new laptop/computer/netbook whatever, wait untill jan 2010 when Window’s 7 is supposed to come out. Vista still is crap. and i’m a pc guy.

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I don’t think so, no. I agree with MrMeltedCrayon.

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I’ve grown up using PC’s and I currently own both mac and pc. For more my personal use, I enjoy using my two mac computers more than my PC. But the PC will serve to be useful for other things that the macs aren’t as good at.

They seem to be very easy to use, efficient, you don’t have to worry about anti-virus protection. And now that Macs are Intel based, I would argue that they are more compatible than a PC since you can run any windows based apps as well as Mac apps. It’s a very common misconception to think that macs are not compatible with most things.

Best bang for your buck, you can get a work horse computer for a heck of a lot less than what you’d pay for a mac, and you can customize it, upgrade it later, swap out components, and fix any defects without spending an arm and a leg. But you’ll never be able to put OSX Leopard on it without working your ass off, and then having all that hard work screwed up with an update. PCs are also ideal for a gamer too. Though some disadvantages would be it’s vulnerability to Viruses and maleware.

If you matched up the Operating Systems, Mac would win hands down in my book. Maybe Microsoft can make a come back with Windows 7, we’ll have to wait and see, but so far the Beta doesn’t seem to match up against Leopard.

An advantage OSX has is that the manufacturer of the OS, is also the manufacturer of the hardware. So they’re meant to work hand in hand, where as a PC has multiple vendors, specs, drivers, and so much going on. You will undoubtedly run into software related issues at some point with a PC.

It all comes down to what you’re comfortable with, I have PCs, Mac, and Linux based systems, and they’re all interchangeable with any documents, photos, music, movies, etc. Try em all out if you like, or you can just have a couple different computers like myself =)

@RedPowerLady I think you have them backwards, Macs are normally home based computers, but not often used in a business environment at the office. Where as PC’s are a very common choice for the workplace. And also, I would disagree that PC’s are more user friendly, I would argue that Macs are more user friendly and intuitive. (though I think you had it all reversed).

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@RandomMrdan i didn’t have them reversed, that has just been my experience with them
I enjoy using my pc at home and had a blast using the macs in my office (it was a mathematics dept at a university). I didn’t know that it was typically the other way around.

I do think though that PCs are more user friendly. I had a much easier time figuring out how to use my PC than I did Mac. Although I do like both.

I really have no personal investment so perhaps you are right, that’s just my experience.

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@RedPowerLady Yeah, I sell PC’s and Mac computers. Whenever you have a place of business open up, their POS (point of sale software), is usually PC based, and requires windows, and it makes no sense to buy a 1200 dollar imac, when they can accomplish it with a 400 dollar pc setup. Also, all the secretaries out there, nationwide. I can’t imagine many of them use a mac to keep track of much. I can see how come offices, and workplaces could use a mac, like an architecture firm, or some design company, web designs, and things like that. But daily office stuff, would put to waste all that the mac is capable of.

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@RandomMrdan I guess I’m just a backwards type of gal, lol. I definitely see what you mean now.

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unbiased? impossible! I will go down fighting for my mac.

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agree with @dynamicduo If you want aesthetics, design, Mac is hands-down the winner.

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No one can give you an unbiassed comparison. My two cents is Mac’s look nice and they probably work great but I wouldn’t know because they are expensive and I can’t bring myself to pay two or three times what I’d pay for the equivalent PC. If you want a computer to browse the net and check your emails you can do that with a cheap PC as well as you can with a Macbook. The only reason I can think of buying one is if you need to run Logic, Quark, or the film editing program (can’t remember the name) so while Mac’s may not be “office” computers I think the business market is very strong for Apple.

Having said that I love Safari 4 for PC.

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I love my mac and the no virus worry is a definite plus. My MacBook and wireless usb modem go everywhere with me!

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I suggest “googling” and going to computer related forums with people ‘in’ the business and have credible evidence supporting the need of what ‘you’ are looking for. IMHO threads like this are not always a good source of information b/c people often give into their own subjectivity of the question.

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If you want to introduce an older or inexperienced or scared person to the world of computers, use a Mac. I fit that description in 1998 and look at what a pro I am now. Everyone (well, my sister) flocks to me for tech advice now

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Linux does what the user wants.
Mac OS does what Apple wants.
Windows does whatever the hell it wants.

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When people ask which I recommend, I tell them to get the one they can get supported most easily. If all their tech-savvy friends are Mac users, they should get a Mac, because their friends will be able to help them figure things out. If all their tech-savvy friends are Windows users, they should get a Windows machine, for the same reason.

I also tell people that I, personally, cannot help them with Windows problems, so if they expect my help, they need to get a Mac.

As far as which is better—you can make the case for either. If you don’t know enough to make the case for either, then it really doesn’t matter which one you pick, because by the time you get to the point where the difference really matters, you’ll be ready for a newer, more powerful computer anyway.

(My own preference is for the Mac.)

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@lightlyseared you don’t pay 2–3 times what the cost of an equivalent PC is. That’s a huge misconception. I will admit, that mac pro is a huge price point, but I’d say most people looking to buy one of those are planning to put it to good use. And I realize, you can get PC’s for quite a bit less in price, but if you look at equivalents, it just isn’t 2–3 times as much. Sony All-in-ones are just as expensive if not more expensive. Same thing goes for the HP all-in-ones.

And in the laptop line, find any 13.3 in display laptop that has DDR3 memory, as fast of a processor and so on, in a PC, and I bet you’d be spending more on a PC.

I sell computers daily (mac and PC), and I know for average people who have basic needs, can easily spend 500–700 dollars on a PC computer and be just fine. But don’t say an equivalent computer in a PC is 2–3 times less in price. It just isn’t true.

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I’m still waiting for the person who thinks mac don’t have a right click to chime in.

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@RandomMrdan: The mighty mouse has so many possibilities (left click, right click, mini button between them and the two squeezes at the waist line, if mice had waists) that I am always bringing up something mysterious without knowing how I did it.

Milo has the same problem. WE may have to go to mouse preferences and assimilate some of the functions.

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