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How can I open a .jnt file on a Mac?

Asked by Jaybee (220points) November 13th, 2007

I used to use a tablet for my Journal entries (handwritten) and now I use a Mac. I have searched for and found programs that will allow this however they are all made for Windows op.sys. Can anyone tell me it there is a program that will open files with the .jnt extension in a Mac? (.jnt stands for journal note taker)

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In what program are they made? On your PC, that is.

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I don’t have any experience with .jnt files. But knowing Microsoft, and searching around a bit, I suspect your only bet is to run Windows on a virtual machine, using Parallels or VMware Fusion, and install the view app for .jnt files, which is available here

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I made the journal entries on a Windows Tablet pc. Microsoft offers (for Windows users) a program called Windows Journal Viewer. But it works with windows. I’ve tried opening the files with Microsoft Word for Mac. It doesn’t work. I have searched for file conversion programs, I’ve searched the Microsoft site in the Mac section for something but haven’t succeeded.

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(of course, my answer only works if you have an Intel Mac)

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If you don´t you could also use CrossOver, but that´s only if you have an installer for the Windows Journal Viewer, or a CD. And it must be compatible

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if you can go back to your tablet and export those files as TIFF then mac can open them but only in black and white and with Preview. That was the best option I have found so far.

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