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How do you get rid of ants in your home?

Asked by Facade (22889points) March 27th, 2009
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We’ve tried everything organic and otherwise. The best solution we’ve found is Terro liquid bait. They carry drops back to the nest and poison the whole colony. :)

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I have always had good luck with Grant’s Ant Stakes.

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@dave how diabolical..or maybe it’s just me

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There is no point in trying to get rid of ants. They are migrators. They rarely make home in your house. During certain times of the year they are the worst, especially the rainy seasons (i.e. spring). They migrate through your house. So you can’t really get rid of them.

Having said that if you do find they’ve made a nest in your house you have to clean it out with vinegar. And if you see an ant trail wash with vinegar the whole trail. Because ants leave an invisible trail that leads other ants. So you’ve got to erase that scent. Vinegar works well. You can also use vaseline to keep them from places you don’t want them to go. They won’t pass vaseline.

And don’t leave crumbs especially sugar anywhere!!! Putting things in airtight containers is the best.

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Remove or repackage the attraction – sugar, whatever. What I do, when I see ants on the kitchen counter, I look for the place where the food is: that’s where most of them are. I then blow gently on the crowd, they scatter, and I wipe up the whatever with a clean cloth. In a few minutes the ants will have gone away.

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