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Black worms dropping from my pipes?

Asked by kaledia (30points) June 1st, 2009

I have a pipe running above in my kitchen, near the stove and sink. Every now and then i find black tiny worms as small as 5mm, wriggling. I tried to use white plaster to cover up the white metal pipes in case there is a tiny leakage, but they seem to come back with more dropping down. They are certainly not mosquito babies. But what the hell are they? And how do I get rid of them?

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I don’t have any idea what they are but I hope someone here can help you!

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@ubersiren: I was so BLARF’d when I saw the question that I couldn’t help but look into it, sorry

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yes, i know, YUCK.

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What does BLARF mean?

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You should be exterminating the infection, not trying to patch them in. Call an exterminator. They’ll know what to do.

BTW, they are not worms, they are likely larvae of some type. Which means you have bugs of some type. Which means you need to solve the root issue of why they are living in your place, otherwise they will just keep reproducing and your problem will never end.

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@basp: Blarf: Combination of Bleh and Barf?

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Try detonating some bug bombs around where they are. They are canisters of poison they spread over a wide area. You might have to leave the house for a few hours while it does its thing.

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@basp : To me, it represents the actual sound that happens when you barf. Sort of Ren and Stimpy style.

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What is in the pipe that might be either leaking or attracting whatever it is?

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Move! Quick!

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They used to appear in between gaps of tiles on the toilet floors.

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Uh, eew. Your house seems to be infected with bugs. This is not right at all.

Do you own or rent? If you rent, get your landlord in there ASAP. If you own, you need to fix this problem, not patch it over or else one day your walls will burst and out will pour millions of larvae. Ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but you can’t just keep doing nothing. Get professional help now.

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@dynamicduo : Millions is a scary word. Yes, I’ve sorted it out, it is a sort of larvae. I own the place so most probably need to sort it out. The management here sucks.

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