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How do you remove the mothball smell from clothing?

Asked by KrystaElyse (3598points) March 28th, 2009

The other day I went rummaging through my grandmother’s attic and I found a really cute vintage skirt my mother wore. The problem is that is REEKS of mothballs. I’ve been trying to air it out but the smell is still there. I don’t know if I need to take it to the drycleaners? Or just wait it out? I’d really like to wear it soon, so any suggestions would be helpful!

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I’d spray it with Febreeze & hang it outside. If that doesn’t work, you may need to take it to the cleaners.

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I’ll try that now!

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Hanging outside may take several days. If it is washable, try this:

“White vinegar works as an odor remover. It works well on mothball odor, mildew smelling towels, body odor, and other offensive odors. Put about 1 cup in the wash cycle at the beginning of the cycle. You may need to run the load more than once. (This method only recommended for machine washable items.)”

If not, this site has a bunch of other ideas.

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I think I may try the white vinegar method and see what happens! The smell is so bad, I think it will take something other than just air drying to get it out! If that doesn’t work I will go to the store and see if I can find that Smelleze Mothball Deodorizer, if not i’ll take it to the cleaners and see what they recommend!

Thanks @jbfletcherfan and @Marina! :o)

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What do a moth’s balls smell like, anyway?

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@AstroChuck – Lmao, I’m sure they don’t smell that great ;o)

I always wondered though…..why they can’t make nice smelling moth balls? I mean, especially if we use them for clothing and stuff?

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@KrystaElyse- I would suppose that it’s the smell that keeps the moths away.

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@AstroChuck – Well, yeah I know that… but it’s still a pain in the neck to remove the smell :(

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See, I LOVE the smell of moth balls. I know most people don’t. Oh, well.

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I heard that Vodka mixed with water in a spray bottle works great for deodorizing clothing. (saw it on the Ellen show.)

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Thanks for the info on removal will let all know if the vinegar works. i have tried odaban and it did not work :(
The moth balls are used alot in the south to help keep snakes away and the odor is a one of a kind and it STINKS!!!!!!!!!!

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