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Would you ever have a themed wedding or can you list some that you have attended?

Asked by jeanna (2059points) March 28th, 2009
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I’ve was married for 21 years and if my wedding had any theme it was “Let’s do This on the Cheap!” But I think it would be kind of fun to have a themed wedding. Some ideas for themes:

The Roaring 20’s
Sock Hop
Winter Wonderland
Heavy Metal

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Beach wedding
Winter Wonderland
.......still thinking, I will be back to add more. :)

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A friend of mine got married on October 31st. The wedding party and all the guests were in costume. They have a very interesting wedding album.

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My mum and stepdad just had a medieval themed Handfasting last year. It was beautiful. (And no we’re not the kind of crazies that do that on a regular basis, my mum just liked the dresses!).

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@Divalicious I’ve wanted to do that my whole life!
…but my fiancĂ© is from Edmonton, AB, and apparently Halloween up there is a cruel, horrible time of year where they send poorly dressed children out into the ice and snow to freeze their little asses off for a few handfuls of “fun sized” candies, so he’s scarred for life, and didn’t want to do it. phooey).

I haven’t been to any weddings, so I can’t say what I’ve seen, but the theme for my wedding is Getting Married in a Catholic Church. It should be…interesting. (the things we do for love…)

The theme for my reception is Games.

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Rainbow weddings were popular when I got married in 1980 attendants in different colored dresses, not same-sex (but mine was not. Actually, 29 years later, the event still looks tasteful, and not too dated.)

Winter Wonderland

NASCAR—I didn’t go, but a former coworker was a groomsman.

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I wouldn’t do that. It’s corny to me.

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I’ve seen many weddings, as I used to work at a large banquet facility…
I’ve seen a lot of weddings, but no real “themes” One girl had hot pink as her color…but it was soooo tacky.
Usually, at the place I worked, they’d choose a color as the theme and we’d roll with that.
My color scheme was yellow, for my wedding.

I’ve been to a rainbow wedding, I thought it was ugly lol

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I once went to a Society of Creative Anachronisms wedding. Geeky, even for me.

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…for myself, no… for my partner, if they really wanted it, and if i could be good with it, yes…

…if i cling and get lost in all the outer stuff, i would probably have multiple partners… i prefer the energy, spirit that we drown in and is deep within each and everyone… just get lost in the eternity of one partner…

…the individuals getting married would know best what makes them and theirs happy… good luck to them…

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i’m answering again

If I could have a big wedding,it’d be great gatsby themed. I think it’d be gorgeous.

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@casheroo I really like that idea, Cash.

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