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How do you get promoted in the military?

Asked by Spargett (5395points) November 14th, 2007

Say for example; What would you do to move from Private to Corporal, etc.?

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When I was in the Marine Corps(1993–1999) E1-E3 were pretty much time based. Once you got to a certain time in service you were promoted to the next rank. You could get there quicker by taking classes and volunteering for duties that showed you cared about your position. The NCO(E4-E5) ranks required that certain classes be taken and completed before moving up the ranks. Beyond E5 became quite competative and merit based. I only ever made it to E4. But I know an E7 and an E8 personally and know what they have been through to get there.

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To be promoted to E5 or E6 in the military (the army at least), the soldier will appear before a board of senior enlisted soldiers. He (or she) will be required to answer a number of questions about their job specialty, leadership issues, ethical dilemmas and a number of other areas. The board will consider the “interview” performance as well as their “resume” which will include military schools, awards earned, college courses completed, performance on physical tests and whatnot. All of this will be considered when they decide whether or not to promote them.

To make E7, E8 or E9, soldiers do not appear in person before a board, but rather compete across the entire military by submitting their “packets” that highlight all of their credentials. They must have good evaluation reports, must have held key leadership positions as well as all the areas mentioned for the junior soldiers to do well. As leaders rise in rank, they must also complete mandatory military schooling appropriate for their rank/position if they want to progress further.

For officers it works a little differently. They do not appear before a board but rather their credentials are reviewed periodically by a national board. There is generally a minimum amount of time associated with receiving each promotion as well.

I hope this helps…

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