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Can an officer in the military skip a subordinate ranks?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (22231points) September 29th, 2022

Or is it the same for all soldiers?

Also can the same officer reduce a soldiers rank?

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None of these statements are clear enough to answer. You need to be a LOT more specific about practically every noun and every adjective and every verb you used in all of those sentences.

What nation? What era? What do you mean by “skip a subordinate ranks”?

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What nation? Canada, and USA.
What era? Now.
Skip a subordinates ranks? I meant what are the rules in promoting and demoting a member of the enlisted ranks.

Outside the normal rank increase for seniority for time spent for automatic promotions.

Basically can an exceptional soldier be promoted faster for superior service?

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@RedDeerGuy1 If you are asking if an officer has to come up through the ranks of the enlisted prior to becoming an officer, then the answer is no. Not in the USA. If you are asking if an officer can promote a soldier more than one rank at a time, the answer is yes, under certain circumstances. In the same frame, asking if an officer can reduce a soldier more than one rank, the answer is sort of. Typically there are non-judicial and judicial punishments in the military. In the US Navy for instance, there is something called the Captain’s Mast. That is a non-judicial process for dealing with low level transgressions. The offending sailor is brought before the Captain who hears the charges. The sailor gives his version and the captain renders his decision. There are limitations on what the captain can do typically. Reduction of one rank, confinement to ship or barracks, things like that. The judicial punishments are for more severe cases or transgressions. These are called Courts Marshalls. This is effectively the military version of a court hearing. There is a prosecutor and a defense, but there are 3 judges and no jury. The case is presented and defended much the same as in a civilian court, but the judges have basically no limitations on their rulings. They can reduce multiple ranks, give time in the brig, discharges from the military, etc. I’ve even seen them take action against witnesses.

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Good explanation, @seawulf575, meaning that I can follow it. I think you mean “court martial,” though. Martial means military.

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@Jeruba I did indeed mean martial. Unfortunately it was 4 in the morning and I had been roused by the dog. My mind was still somewhere near my pillow.

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Every branch of the U.S. military allows Eagle Scouts to enter at a higher rank and pay grade than others who are not Eagle Scouts.

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In the US you can start as an officer. My dad was an officer from the start. He worked for the Public Health Service, which has the equivalent of Naval rank, and they use Navy uniforms with a different insignia. He is soluted like any other officer and has full military benefits just like the armed services.

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