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I'm moving to the Mid-Atlantic region of the US to live closer to my family. What towns or cities should consider moving to?

Asked by Conrad_III (60points) November 14th, 2007
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Philadelphia is a great city. Lots of history and great neighborhoods. You can still buy a house there for under $300,000. Plus it is close enough to the Big Apple (2 hours) to visit there on day trips.

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More data, plz. Will you be going to school or getting a job? Do you have a car or do you need to be near the train? I lived in Philly for years; lucien is right. The houses are huge and within the city limits. I lived in East Falls on the wrong side of the Schulkyll river…a bit déclassé compared to the Main Line but funky and fun. Chestnut Hill is also nice; a bit tonier and more costly.Center City has been gentrified and is now expensive..

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I agree with Philly. I love living here—it’s very affordable (my house 4 years ago was $130,000), surprisingly full of great restaurants and things to do, and very easy to navigate either with or without a car.

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Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There’s cute little towns along PA turnpike near Philly. Shanksville (yes the 9/11 plane crash area, my hubby and I visited. it is a nice cute town) Also Deleware is beautiful too.

Pittsburgh is a nice area as well, where I lived before. They have nice suburban towns as well.

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I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I absolutely loved it there. It’s one of the cheapest and safest cities to live in, and there’s tons of stuff to do – great museums, theater, all kinds of great food. Pittsburghers are great people, too – I’ve never found a city quite as friendly and welcoming as the ‘burgh… =)

The only thing is that there aren’t a lot of jobs in Pittsburgh, so you’d definitely want to check into the employment situation before making the decision to move there…

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