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What color tights would you wear with a dark suit?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) November 17th, 2007

I usually wear stockings to work with my suits, but with the cold weather coming, I’m looking to switch to tights, which are thicker. I usually wear nude colored stockings, so I’m not sure about making the switch to tights (which I believe are always colored, right?). Any thoughts on what color would look the most professional with a dark suit? Is black really my only option?

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GF says match the pants, although nude (if they exist) can work with brown suits.

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No, black is not the only option. But if it’s for work you do, need to come across as professional and sophisticated.
Grey is a good solution ir even off white could look kinda cool with some nice boots.
You just need to mix it up and make it look fun.
If your job allows you to go a bit crazy, you should try a bright colour.
And yeaa brown is always nice, too.

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tights aren’t always colored—there is such a things as nude-colored tights, which would look pretty much the same as stockings. I can’t remember where I“ve seen them in the past but I“ll keep a lookout and if I see where they sell ‘em, I“ll let you know…

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Typically it is best to match the tights (or other legwear) to the shoes, which helps your legs look longer and helps you look “put-together”. if you are wearing pants, then you can match the pants as a second option.

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I do this all the time – and my experience has been to go for black and only black -unless you have a navy suit.

I guess the point is to match the tight color to the skirt and the shoe.

I do go for a lighter tight, that looks more like hose, as opposed to a totally opaque one. If you work in a less conservative environment you can use patterned black tights, or heathered grey ones

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