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My cat is leaking blood from her butt...

Asked by diane_cairns (2points) November 17th, 2007

The liquid is thick like honey and clear with blood mixed in-anyone know what this is? I can’t take her to the vet until next week. Will she be okay in the meantime?

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Uh, yeah. Go to a vet immediately. This doesn’t sound like something you can wait around until Monday for.

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Vet Now….

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Your cat is in dire need of medical attention and you must see a vet immediately.

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some questions have obvious answers
and should not be asked
when someone might
possibly read them

at breakfast!

this wretched question
has made me retch
you wretch

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You don’t mention any other abnormalities – first thoughts are hemorrhagic diarrhea, a severe urinary tract infection, or an abcessed/ruptured anal gland. All of these are painful medical conditions.

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she is on her period

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Cats do not have periods. They do go into heat but they don’t bleed like dogs do.

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