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How can I prevent my internet from going on dormant?

Asked by electricsky (825points) March 30th, 2009

I have an Alltel wireless internet card, and whenever I’m away for about 5 to 10 minutes, it goes on dormant and doesn’t allow me to do anything until it goes off of dormant. The problem is, I’m trying to download something that will take about 3 hours to download, and whenever my internet goes on dormant, the download fails and I have to start over. How can I prevent it from going on dormant?

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Check your power settings. Do you have it set to hibernate after 10 minutes idle?

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I can’t find any power settings anywhere. If I go to the settings or preferences it doesn’t mention the dormant/hibernate thing anywhere.

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Which OS are you using?

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Which version of windows.

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Oh, sorry, XP Professional.

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Start >> Control Panel >> Performance and Maintenance >> Power Options
See if there’s anything suspicious in there, especially in the Hibernate tab.

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There’s a Hibernate tab, but it just says “Enable Hibernation” with an unchecked box next to it.

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Don’t know what to tell you.

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=/ Thank you anyway.

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