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Leopard and Tiger On the Same Machine?

Asked by nathanbug (11points) November 18th, 2007

I bought an iMac early this year, about January 4th, and I recently upgraded to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.1). Although I like Leopard very much, I was wondering if I could partition my Hard Drive and install Mac OS X Tiger on the other partition. If I can, will you please tell me a way to do it. I don’t exactly have the Tiger installation disk itself, I just have the two install CDs that came with my computer. (The two gray disks)

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Hm… I don’t know for certain, but can you install Tiger using Bootcamp?

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You can simply use the Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) to resize your current hard drive in Leopard. Just give it another partition by clicking your Leopard partition and then clicking the ’+’ on the bottom. Adjust the size of the new partition for Tiger. After repartitioning, you should see the new Volume on the Desktop.
Then, insert your first DVD that came with Tiger and boot your Mac while holding ‘c’. It will boot from the DVD and let you install Tiger on the new Volume.

No need for Bootcamp or something like that.

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The answer from ogott is the correct way to do this.


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ditto-you can then easily boot between the drives by holding down option key while booting, and/or using the system preferences/startup disk setting; also configurable as an automator script.

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Yep, follow the instructions above. Simply insert the disc and choose to install on the partition you’ve created. You’ll need to use the grey Disc 1 for the installation (you’ll be prompted for Disc 2 during the install.

When booting up your Mac in the future, hold option to choose the OS.

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If you still have your Tiger installation, which you would have had to save via a clone backup (which creates a bootable backup) using SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner, you could restore it to the Leopard-created partition; that way you aren’t starting your Tiger installation from scratch.

Cloned backups are kinda geeky and my guess is that you didn’t do this before upgrading to 10.5.

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Having the two systems, is possible to launch Tiger within Leopard as a virtual machine, without rebooting the Mac, as Vmware do with a Windows bootcamp partition?
I think Vmware is able to run only Windows systems. Someone know a solution?

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