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Why won't my iPhone 3G's bluetooth work with my MacBook Pro?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) August 21st, 2009

In order for this to be best troubleshooted, i’m starting from scratch. First, i turn on my iPhone’s bluetooth, making it discoverable. Then, using the top bar on my MacBook Pro, i click the Bluetooth button and select “Set Up Bluetooth Device.” I select the “Mobile Phone” choice. it then searches for my iPhone and successfully finds it. It then pairs with my phone, using the 6-digit conformation code. I leave the “Use device as a network port” button unchecked. (Also, i have tried doing this with this option selected, with the same result.) It then says they have both been connected and i click Quit. At this point, my iPhone says it is not connected to my MacBook Pro. When I tap the dialog box with the name of my MacBook in it, it seems like its trying to connect for a short while, then goes back to looking like it just was. When I open the bluetooth preferences on my laptop, it displays the phone, and indicates that it is not connected. When i have this dialog opened, I tap the same dialog box on my iPhone, and the preferences box on the laptop says the phone is connected for about 1½ seconds, then says it is not connected again.

My iPhone is currently running OS 3.0.0. My MacBook Pro is running OS X Leopard 10.5.8.

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What are you trying to do via Bluetooth? AT&T does not yet support tethering, and Apple does not support file transfer.

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I recommend Jailbreaking it but most people scream when they hear that word. I’d give up with bluetooth. OBEX is not a good method of transferring files. Try using a SCP client. Im sure theres a good on for a Mac.

But jailbreaking is much easier. Just google Jailbreaking Iphone 3G then download and run the program.

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If you just want to store files on your iPhone, DataCase is a good solution. $6.99. Turns your iPhone into a file/Web server over a local WiFi network.

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Am i to understand that i can’t Bluetooth connect my iPhone and MacBook?

I had no trouble linking my AT&T Samsung phone with my Mac and my wife’s LG cell and transerred files with no drama.

Just doesnt make sense to me.

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No one is really answering Fred’s question; nothing to do w/teathering. I have the same exact issue and am unable to fix.

For those asking why:

- Take a look at AirLock. Proximity lock for your Mac using your iPhone…gem of an app…but it requires your iPhone to be connected via Bluetooth (and it DOES work).

- Why would Apple have an iPhone option in the first place located within the Bluetooth pulldown. iPhone WILL connect, but does not want to seem to auto-reconnect.

I’m here ‘cause I have to re-pair my iPhone every time I return to the computer if I want AirLock to work.

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