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Will leaving my laptop plugged in constantly shorten the batteries lifetime?

Asked by creativejuices (490points) March 31st, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio and I just keep it on my desk plugged in all the time. Will this harm the “lifetime” of the battery? I just now learned that some (all?) laptop batteries have a maximum amount of times that they can be recharged… is this accurate?

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It shouldn’t

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I did that with my laptop, now the battery lasts less than an hour.

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I keep mine plugged in constantly and it doesnt last long at all so there might be a connection there.

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@Poser: ah!! I’m unplugging it right now! It already only lasts for 2 hours!

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@creativejuices I would. Supposedly, the lithium-ion batteries aren’t supposed to develop a memory like the older type. But that hasn’t been my experience. Even when I run it all the way down, it doesn’t hold a charge very long.

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I know a lot of it depends on what you are trying to run with it unplugged. If you are playing a game and your computer is accessing the DVD/CD drive constantly it will kill your battery life. As well, if you are using wireless internet it will kill your battery power quicker.

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Sadly, I believe it will. I’m getting really tired of current battery technology and all of it’s rules. I always feel like I’m killing my battery when I recharge it and it’s not drained. Sigh, someone invent a new battery please.

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My friend did that and it killed they battery. Now she has the leave it plugged in all the time :/

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MY brother keept it plugged to the wall alot, now he has to constantly keep it plugged in when using it . He f**ked the battery and it not an old machine less than a year

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The batteries are supposed to cut off the charging current when they are full. It does not hurt to discharge them from time to time, though.

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I leave mine plugged in all the time, too. It doesn’t seem to have hurt it. Cellphones are a bit different. When I left my cellphone plugged up overnight, the battery expanded somewhat and would not hold a charge. Now I only charge it for about ten minutes at a clip and it seems to last much longer.

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The batteries will not become overcharged, but if they are never allowed to discharge, their ability to hold the charge will decrease. You should unplug it and run the batteries down at least once a month.

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