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What would you wear to go on a date?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) April 2nd, 2009

Lets say to the movies or bowling

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bowling is more interactive and talking, plus you can develop a bond.

also, funny shows and the possibilty of looking at some ass.

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Jeans and a hoodie. But then again that is pretty much my uniform.

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Wearing bowling?

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jeans, a cute comfy shirt.

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Jeans especially if bowling. Maybe a little dressier shirt to dress up the jeans if you are going to a movie.

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@SeventhSense totally misread the question. ohgosh.

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Definitely comfortable clothing. If you’s a girl, you can be flirty or cute… just try not to be too slutty. The more comfy you are the more natural you’ll be on the date, most likely. So dress for success and go get em!

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Clean underwear, preferably boxers.

It’s never made a difference for me, but some people need to plan ahead.

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@SeventhSense hrm. thought it clicked.

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A Batman suit. What else?

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jeans and a shirt…clean underwear is a must!

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I’m usually in a long-sleeve/short sleeve T-shirt combo and Puma kicks with old jeans, so, yeah, I’d wear one of my better pairs of jeans, a more feminine blouse or a sweater that hugs the girls a bit and comfy flats. If you’re a girl.

I guess the whole deal is, it’s “you” but dressed up a little.

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Well this might be too formal but it makes quite a statement

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You’re on a date and you should bring your A game on every date you go on without fail.

Put on your dressier clothes. Don’t wear tennis shoes. Put on some cologne or perfume.

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assless chaps.

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How about a Superman suit? Or Superwoman?

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@daloon: I was thinking more along the lines of Spiderman… Learn how to hang upside down and do that sexy upside down kiss with your mask half pulled down (up? not sure since the angle is reversed…)

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I would wear some servicable but nice looking slacks, and a knit shirt, sort of like the bowlers wear, but nicer.

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A pair of tattered levi’s, Batman underoos, t-shirt, rainbow suspenders, and boat shoes with no socks. I’m going for the fashion nightmare look.

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Wear something appropriate for how you’d like to be treated. If you’ve got the girls hanging out, don’t be offended if his gaze keeps dropping and he doesn’t carry on a conversation.
If you’d like to see him dressed up a bit, then don’t wear the ratty jeans. If you get cleaned up – he’ll get cleaned up. If that’s not important to you then the old hoodie is fine.
I figure this is a date. You are going to be in close proximity with another person for several hours – or longer if you get lucky . As a sign of respect, you both should be as squeaky clean as humanly possible.

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@KatawaGrey: Why, you little so-and-so. You stole my thunder! I was going to suggest spiderman, next. You leave me no choice.


Ok, so he’s not a superhero, but he is way cool!

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@daloon: Obviously we are on the same wavelength. ;)

Avatar may not technically be a superhero, but there is only of him and he can do cool stuff!

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if it’s warm, i think skirts with t-shirts are cute and feminine and wicked comfy. otherwise, i’m a jeans n tee kinda kiddo.

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I’d wear a cute skirt with a really cute top and deffinitly Converse sneakers
and curl my hair and look cute! =)

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I don’t date, it interferes with my drinking habit.

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