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Mention your Invention Convention invention!

Asked by tonedef (3935points) April 3rd, 2009

Did you participate in your elementary school’s “invention convention”? What did you invent? Did you win any prizes?

I always made the stupidest conventions and never won any prizes. My best invention was an “honorable mention” for a sponge wrapped in a washcloth. It was for fixing bed head.

For extra funsies, here’s a webcomic about inventing.

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we don’t do that kind of time wasting crap in college! We college students spend our time on serious stuff! Like The Paper airplane scholarship contest. ( I swear to the almighty power at be.) Standing at the free throw line, you have to hit a target on the opposite free throw line to win a 2,500 scholarship. My friends and i have been spending last 2 weeks to perfect our design. (including paint)

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We had two invention conventions at my middle school and I hate doing them. the first one, in sixth grade, I invented something to hold someone’s arm in place if it was in a sling. Looking back, it was kind of stupid, but that’s okay. The next year, I missed it completely because I was in the hospital after a car accident. To this day, my mom jokes that I threw myself in front of the car so I wouldn’t have to participate. :)

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