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what is the best internet dating site for a woman in her 50s?

Asked by sfgal (280points) November 22nd, 2007

I have a friend in her 50s and I“m encouraging her to start dating again—she hasn’t been out there since she adopted a daughter about 15 years ago. What sites would be best for an intellectual professional NYC woman?

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I have tried none of these, but the promos fit the description of yr friend. I have a friend in her mid-fifties who has found love an hr away w.

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If she’s Jewish, I’ve heard that jdate is great for the 50+ crowd.

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Great sometimes…as w. all online sites, buyer beware. I tried it for a while..they call themselves Jewish Cupid: I began to think of it as Jewish Stupid. Of course, I live at the back of beyond where there are no single men of any ilk. The nice Jewish guys here in my age bracket have been married to the same woman since before the flood.

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She’s not jewish, so JDate is probably not an option for her. Any sites with intellectual creative people on them? I guess there are all kinds on but it’s a pretty general site and there are so many people on it I think she’ll get intimidated.

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All the sites I listed in my first answer are for brainiacs, graduates of Ivy League schools, people w. PhDs., members of Mensa,...all the smarty pants. Notice the site names.

Tell her to stick her toes in the water, just in a public place and to NEVER share any personal info until she has her friends check the guy out (and maybe a private eye.)

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Best source for dates – friends. Everyone knows someone.
Church, classes, clubs

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