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How do you get rid of an old couch you no longer want?

Asked by rhetorician (108points) April 3rd, 2009

I am moving soon and have an old couch I need to get rid of. I don’t think the Salvation Army will want it (bad shape) and my trash disposal company does not take furniture. What do I do?

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Put it on Craigs List for free and people will snatch it up.

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Put it on the sidewalk in front of your house with a sign that says “free.” It will probably be gone by the end of th eday.

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I second Craigslist, I’ve bought and sold on there many times.

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In my town? Take it to the recycle center and pay $23/cubic yard to dump the thing over the tipwall.

Or take it outside and burn it. One or t’other.

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You can donate it to Salvation Army or Goodwill. Craigslist is good if you have a couch people will want.

Please please please don’t do what some people in my area do and that’s leaving it on the sidewalk.

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If it’s in really bad shape and no one else will want it, even for free, you might just have to haul it to the landfill to dispose of it. Or hire someone to haul it off and dispose of it for you.

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@lillycoyote Good point! Most regional disposal facilities (aka “the dump”) have a drop off date for large items like furniture. Some will even do it for free if you can verify you’re a local resident.

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Does your city have a junk pick-up day coming up? Ours has one once a quarter…

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Prufrock: I suppose I should check to see if my city has such a pick up, but I must ask myself, “Do I dare?”

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Seriously, there is a free section on Craigs List, take a picture and put it on there, tell them they have to pick it up, you’d be surprised about who wants a couch.

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I can think of about 5,000 college students who would love your couch.

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I read a story in readers digest where someone tried to give an old couch away for free and couldn’t get any takers. They put a sign on it and said “For Sell, $100.00” and left it out overnight. It was gone the next morning.

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Just put it out with the trash and someone will usually pick it up. (I like the previous response)

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I gave one of mine to a shop class at a local high school. They came and picked up and were going to use it to practice upholstery.

My son accidentally set fire to his, and that sort of took care of the problem. Better not do it on the porch, though, as he did.

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@rhetorician, that was peachy.

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You can break the sofa up with a hammer, saw, ax, or whatever works, and throw it away bit by bit in a dumpster or other trash bin. Sometimes there is good wood inside which can be used for other things. You will also find many interesting items inside the seams of your sofa.

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