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Why don't we do our favorite things all the time?

Asked by majamin (99points) April 3rd, 2009
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I lurve to fluther and do that all the time.

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Because this is real life.

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Part of what makes my favorite things so special is that they’re fairly rare.

I would get bored (and poor, and hungry, and liver diseased) if every day was spent bar hopping on my bike.

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Life necessitates that we work so that we can enjoy our favorite things.

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With the exception of traffic school and paying taxes, I pretty much do. So I guess I do my favorite things except when the government intercedes.

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Because I’ve yet to find anyone to pay me to read comic books and eat chocolate chip cookies.

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It would fall off!

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That’s a good question!
Why don’t we?!?
I personally do most of my favorite things most of the time, I feel it keeps me in a good mood and makes me a friendlier, happier person.
maybe if we all did our favorite things a little more often the world could be a little happier :)

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because life isn’t scripted

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This little thing called work keeps getting in the way.

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Because we’re grown ups.

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Because I can’t get Paris Hilton to come to my apartment.

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1. Because we have to make a living and deal with the problems of everyday life.

2. Because they wouldn’t seem as special if we did them all the time.

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Responsibility to ourselves and others.

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feelings of obligation.

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